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BTS Script Reading Video of Link, Eat, Love

Both netizens and fans of Moon Ga Young and Yeo Jin Goo are eagerly awaiting their new drama, with tvN’s – “Link, Eat, Love” to get released on the airwaves! This drama is produced by tvN and is set to air on Mondays and Tuesdays, so you can rest easy about beating the Monday blues! “Link, Eat, Love,” is basically a fantasy and a romantic drama in one. In this, a man, played by Yeo Jin Goo is set to experience the emotions of an unknown woman, played by Moon Ga Young. Their fates are irrevocably interconnected through this newly occurring and odd phenomenon which suddenly reoccurs after 18 years!

Sure, the behind-the-scenes photographs of the cast and the crew have been released, but in this new video, the cast of “Kill, Eat, Love” is set to reveal more details and their thoughts about this new drama as well. The cast gets together in this video to read their lines and also share some insider insights about their character, and possible plots, and slowly reveal details about how the set works.

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The plot of “Link, Eat, Love”

Yeo Jin Goo will be playing Eun Gye Hoon. Eun Gye Hoon is a successful restaurant sous-chef. He is a man of simple tastes and pleasures, but one fine day, his world gets turned upside down when he suddenly starts to experience the emotions of an unknown woman. In the video, viewers can see his dedication to this character, where he is proudly looking forward to expanding his horizons when it comes to showing off his versatile acting styles. He is also happy to let his fans and supporters know that he has been working very hard on this character and so he will have a lot to show off as well when it comes to this new and innovative character he is all set to play.

Moon Ga Young is all ready and set to play the role of a probationary employee, Noh Da Hyun. She is an employee that has been working at Jihwa Western Cusine Restaurant. As a character, Moon Ga Young states that her character has no luck with men, and her life is paved with struggles and misfortunes. Moon Ga Young adds that while her character might be seen as naive, weak, and frail, Noh Da Hyun is the strongest character of them all. She also appeals to her fans and viewers to stay patient and look forward to the premiere of the episodes and the series.

The cast of Link, Eat, Love – behind the scenes. Cr: tvN

Other characters in “Link, Eat, Love”

Every story is incomplete without a police officer in the mix. Song Duk Ho is all set to play Ji Won Tak, a police officer in the neighborhood of Jihwa. It has been expected that Ji Won Tak will have some sort of playful and fun-loving chemistry with his ex and senior sergeant Hwang Min Jo who is played by Lee Bom Sori. Continuing on with the character description, Song Duk Ho shares that his character is resilient and reliant by nature, while he works equally hard to overcome past trauma as well. He hopes that viewers will be able to find some sort of comfort or solace through this character.

When describing her character, Lee Bom Sori is able to tell the public that her character is very much cute and loveable, and at the same time, her character is very much laid-back. Just like all the other characters on the show, she expects her character to be loved and appreciated by all those who watch “Link, Eat, Love” as well.

Finally, we have the stalwarts who are playing the roles of the elders in the drama. Kim Ji Young is playing Noh Da Hyun’s mom, Hong Bok Hee. Unlike other TV moms, she has her own secrets and issues – she loves to bother her daughter and loves fiercely those who are in her life. Lastly, there is Ye Soo Jung playing Na Choon Ok, a grandmother who has a lot of links in the cruel world as well. You can watch this BTS interview here.

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