Boruto Reavels Sarada’s Mangekyo Sharingan & Its Pattern

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Boruto Chapter 81 Spoilers
Boruto Naruto Next Generations (Credits: Studio Pierrot)

Today the internet is filled with tons of thoughts about the upcoming Boruto Chapter 80 spoilers, and according to them, Boruto Reavels Sarada’s Mangekyo Sharingan & Its Pattern, what is the whole reality, let’s find out. 

Alright, so these spoilers are absolutely insane, we have Sarada finally awakening the Mangekyo Sharingan, and it looks really really good, despite the horrible situation of course, but we also have Sasuke taking the sign of Boruto, even though he is confirmed to be affected, and we also have Boruto and Sasuke vs Ada and Daemon, and this chapter is gonna be one for the ages.

Before we get into the actual chapter spoilers, some big news needs to be addressed; so the Boruto manga will be on break, until August of 2023. So basically a 3-month long break, so we will have to wait on a manga to come back, in addition to the anime.

That is because of the recently announced Minato manga, that won the Naruto poll, and Kishimoto just making time to work on that one shot because apparently, he is also one writing Boruto, so this is also confirmation of that, I don’t know how you guys feel about it, because I would have rather more Boruto content, to be honest, but maybe Minato’s manga will be good, so we will see. 

Boruto Reavels Sarada’s Mangekyo Sharingan & Its Pattern – Explained

The cover page for this chapter features, Sarada and the title says, “If it’s my dad or would my dad” because eventually, Viz will decide the title. So either one of these translations, based on what this decides to do, also says that subtitle with one’s own will and eyes, and again this seems to imply. that something will happen to Sarada and her eyes, you know ^^ Mangekyo Sharingan. 

It basically says that the chapter picks up when Boruto is still on the run and Shikamaru asks Ada if she is sure that Boruto was the one who killed his own father, Naruto, Kawaki grabs Ada by the collar, where she says “Yes, he indeed was the one”, and this was where Shikamaru makes a published announcement that Boruto has killed the Hokage Naruto. 

This part is actually pretty sad because you can see the expressions on Shikamaru’s face, as he can’t believe that this happened, especially Kawaki killing Naruto because you have to remember that Boruto is now Kawaki and all that Jazz, so it is pretty hard for Shikamaru to believe that something like this happened, it would be for anyone. 

We also see that Sarada also completely shocked by this information, then the spoilers say that after hearing the fact that Boruto is actually the one who killed Naruto, she breaks down, and with this, we see that Mitsutsuki goes after Boruto. After that, we see Ada, who asks Kawaki if this was really necessary, and does he have to go to this farm however, Kawaki reveals that he must have to keep Naruto sealed until he can kill Boruto but this was also when Daemon makes his entry. 

This part also seemed to be really sad, and I thought she was going to awaken the Mangekyo Sharingan here, because she is also crying, now it could be that she is crying because Naruto is gone, because you have to remember that she has this relationship with Naruto that Boruto has with Sasuke, or she looks up to Naruto in a similar way, and she is also affectionate with Naruto, this is why you should expect this reaction after hearing the news of Naruto’s death.

Although it could also be because she can’t believe that Boruto, would do something like this because you have to remember that she still knows that Boruto is Boruto, so it could be both, or it could be one, either way, she is upset.

Then we also got a confirmation that Naruto and Hinata are submerged in the Daikokuten Dimension, so they are not able to move, Naruto is not training for the Sage Mode, he is not absorbing Chakra, he is actually frozen in time, so this is shown on the panel itself, so all those theories about Naruto training to get powerful… Nah! not gonna happen, apparently. 

After that, it switches over to something that I found very interesting, so it says that Sasuke finds Sarada. Sarada tells Sasuke that Mitsuki wants to kill Boruto, it seems like Susuke was also affected by Ada’s ability as he considers Mitsuki’s reaction to being natural, and after that, we see Sumire contact Sarada, where we see that both of them haven’t been affected by the attack.

This confirms that Sasuku is somewhat affected, because based on his reaction to Mitsuki going after Boruto, saying that is natural could imply that he also understands where Mitsuki would attack Boruto.

Now again, I would confirm that this wasn’t confirmed that Sasuke is affected because one, he could be saying that this is natural because Mitsuki is under the impression that Boruto is Kawaki and all that jazz, so it could be playing into the fact that he is not affected but he still understands why Mitsuki would attack him since Mitsuki is affected. 

Boruto Reavels Sarada's Mangekyo Sharingan & Its Pattern
Boruto Naruto Next Generations ( via Kishimoto)

So this really isn’t confirmed that Sasuke is affected in the slightest, but it could be, because you know, we must have to wait and see but the Sumire isn’t so I guess that is good, and this kind of like throws a wrench into the theories about it, because of all the Uchiha Blood, because if Sasuke is affected then that cannot be the case, so we will see what is the actual reason for Sumire and Sarada.

We then skip to Boruto vs Team 10, and we see that Boruto is running through the forest we see Chocho’s enlarged hand going after Boruto, Boruto jumps back to dodge, races for impact, and then we have the entrance of Shikadai, which is Shadow Paralysis Jutsu, and he is holding down Boruto. 

Now, this part is where I find it very rare because it says that Sumire informs Sarada that this is all Ada’s doing, everyone is under her spell, but it hasn’t affected her and not ever Sarada. This was where Sarada begins to cry, but Sumire explains to her that they are the only ones who can actually help Boruto.

Boruto Reavels Sarada's Mangekyo Sharingan & Its Pattern
Boruto Naruto Next Generations ( via Kishimoto)

Now, how Sumire knows that is kind of weird, I could say that she just made the Logical Reduction because if Sarada is not affected and she is not affected then it is likely the case that this is Ada’s doing because we must have to remember that part, where Ada uses Omnipotence to invoke Kawaki’s will, she also used Omnipotence to invoke her desire for everyone to love her which is why she had the charm ability.

To begin with, they were not affected by the charm ability, they are not affected by this as well, the logical deduction is that this has something to do with Ada or it could be that she has learned something from Amado, maybe but we will see. 

After that, it goes to Sarada and Sasuke, so it says here that Sarada desperately tries to convince her father, Sasuke, that the one they are referring to as the killer of the Hokage, Boruto of course, is not a bad person, in fact, he was not the one who killed Naruto, but, on the other hand, Sasuke is still under the effect of Ada’s attack, and says Sarada to go home. 

Boruto Reavels Sarada's Mangekyo Sharingan & Its Pattern
Boruto Naruto Next Generations ( via Kishimoto)

After that, Sarada says to Sasuke that he must have to act on what she wanted to say to him and also that this will be her first and last act of selfishness, and then the next panel shows that Sarada unlocks her Mangekyu Sharingan!!! and says, “Dad, Please help Boruto for me”.

This is absolutely insane, the design itself for Sarada’s Mangekyu Sharingan is one of Kishimoto’s original designs but it is slightly different. When you see the artwork of Sarada’s Mangekyu Sharingan, initially the spokes are triangles had a space in between them, as seen in the art itself, but now they seem to be conjoined.

Now, it could be different, because she is just activating the Jutsu, and maybe that is why it looks different so we will see how that plays out later on, but the eye itself is absolutely dope and this brings into question whether Kishimoto will also give Boruto a Chakra Mode, because you see that Sarada has her Sharingan from the original art, and we also see that Mitsuki has his Sage mode, so the original person who doesn’t have something from this original art is Boruto and his Chakra Mode. 

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