Boruto Anime To Adapt Konoho Shinden From May 12

There is some exciting news for the fans of Boruto anime. After witnessing some awful arcs like Chocho arc. Even though Mitsuki arc was a big one but it also didn’t deliver. It is safe to say that all the fillers out there are very bad. The good news is that from May 12 we won’t have to go through only fillers anymore. Konoha Shinden is going to be adapted.

The story is set 15 years after the fourth great war. There are three main characters in this story, Kakashi Hatake, Might Guy and Mirai Sarutobi. We all know that Kakashi Hatake and Might Guy haven’t had time to spend time with each other. Kakashi Hatake was Hokage for a while and then had to guide Nanadaime Naruto Uzumaki after that. Now, during the Kage Summit, the duo will finally go on a vacation.

Nanadaime Naruto will ask his personal bodyguard Mirai Sarutobi to escort the duo and protect them when the time comes. Kakashi Hatake is strong but has no Sharingan now and is old. Meanwhile, Might Guy is crippled and thus cannot fight like he used to. So, it makes sense that Mirai Sarutobi will be sent along with them. This isn’t going to be actually a vacation but a secret mission which has been assigned to them by Nanadaime Naruto Uzumaki himself.

They will be sent to inspect the region between the Land of Water and Land of Fire. This will be an invaluable experience for Mirai Sarutobi who as we know is the daughter of Asuma Sarutobi.

Boruto anime Konoha Shinden

I’m too excited about this Shinden going to get animated. It is simply going to be a breath of fresh for the anime fans who have been suffering from some seriously bad content. Finally, we’ll be getting some real action content.

I do hope that there is going to be some exciting animation staff on this arc. I’m also eagerly waiting to see if Sasuke Shinden and Shikamaru Shinden will be animated or not. These two light novels are also pretty dope. In Shikamaru Shinden, Shikamaru threatens to kill four kage while trapping them in shadow paralysis jutsu which will be iconic to see in the anime.

Let us hope that Konoha Shinden will be animated for more than just three episodes. It should be running for at least 10 episodes which will excite more fans. Do share your thoughts on Konoha Shinden being animated in Boruto anime.

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