Black Clover Episode 57 – Infiltration Of Witch Forest

The previous episode of Black Clover shown how Asta and the Black Bulls helped the three escape the Diamond Kingdom. Domina suggested that the Witch Queen of the Witch Forest can heal Asta’s arms. However, they need to infiltrate the Witch Forest and find the Witch Queen herself. Will they be able to infiltrate the stronghold in Black Clover episode 57?

Black Clover Episode 57 Spoilers

The Witch Forest is where Vanessa and Domina came from. It is a country where only witches are able to live and are neither a part of the Clover Kingdom and the Diamond Kingdom.  Domina, along with Fanzell and Mariella, will help them infiltrate the Witch Forest. But first, they headed to the Black Bulls using Finral’s magic to take Asta, who was busy training his lower body.

Vanessa is with the Witch Queen in one of the rooms. The Queen asks her why she let Yami take her away from the Witches. Vanessa’s thread magic is something that the Queen eventually needs because of its potential to even control fate. While Vanessa is negotiating with the Queen on learning ancient dispelling magic, the Black Bulls plus Fanzell and co. were all undercover using Dominante’s magic cloak. Their target is to be inside the Queen’s room.

black clover episode 57

The cloaks were needed because there are Security Golems which starts firing magic bullets when it sees intruders. For some reason, Fanzell’s cloak, along with his clothes, slipped away from him and the golems started attacking them crazily after a second of being exposed. Having exposed anyway, the group ended up rushing toward the Queen’s chambers. That’s when they saw Vanessa being beaten up by the Witch Queen herself. When Asta tried to attack her, he was stopped by a massive flock of crows.

black clover episode 57

The Witch Queen herself is powerful enough to break coordinated attacks, but what’s more, if two armies are evading the Witch Forest? The Diamond Kingdom and the Eye of the Midnight Sun will embark in taking the Witch Forest. Will Asta and his co. fight in Black Clover episode 57? Stay tuned for more updates.

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