‘Black Clover’ Episode 55 Reveals New Character

A new set of characters was introduced in the last part of Black Clover episode 54. In Black Clover episode 55, we will see more of these new characters. We will also learn more about Asta’s life before he became a Magic Knight. This is also an episode that some of the manga readers are excited to see.

Black Clover Episode 55 – Meet Fanzell Krueger

Black Clover episode 55 is an interesting episode because this episode is not from the manga, but from the first light novel, Stubborn Bull Book. The book is not yet translated so non-Japanese speaker fans are still clueless about this episode. This episode is expected to cover the first chapter of the Stubborn Bull Book. Here’s the preview if you haven’t seen it yet.

Ever wonder how Asta learned how to use his sword even though he hasn’t used a sword before in his whole life? Black Clover episode 55 will tell the story of how he learned to use his swords. Before Asta even took the Magic Knight entrance exam and became a part of the Black Bulls, he met a man that will teach him how to use his sword. That man is Fanzell Krueger, an ex-commander of the Diamond Kingdom. I honestly think that a Finral and Yami fusion would look like him. He is Asta’s master in swordsmanship.

black clover episode 55

If Asta met Fanzell before he became a magic knight, then how come Noelle and Finral knows about him? The two Black Bulls will meet Fanzell in the later chapters of the Stubborn Bull Book. Black Clover episode 55 is adapting the first chapter which features the time when Asta is just training for the exam. These later chapters are expected to be covered in the next chapters.

Both Fanzell and his wife, and another student is also expected to help the Black Bulls more in the next episodes. Hopefully, the animation of the anime, which is getting better in the last recent episodes, will remain consistent, if not better, in the whole arc.

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