Black Clover Chapter 179 Release Date, Expectations

In the last chapter of Black Clover, Zora led the team with his trap magic that took the enemy elves by surprise. The combination of water and mercury attacks by Noelle and Nozelle were all effective in dealing with the arrogant elves who was taken by surprise with Zora’s traps. At this point, Black Clover chapter 179 could start at many points of the story. Who will be the focus of the battles next chapter?

Black Clover Chapter 179 – What Happened To Yuno?

In the previous chapters, Yami, Jack, and Nozelle divided the assault in the Royal castle among the families and other Magic Knights. If Noelle, Zora, and Nozelle managed to get rid of every elf that is there in the Silva Castle, it is likely that the focus will shift in the Vermillion family. Mimosa and co. might get a chapter or two in their battles. Finral and company will have a long battle with all the powerful elves trying to kill the King.

If there’s someone who is needed to be checked right now, that would be Yuno and the poison guy. The last time we got an update to their location is when Asta and the Black Bulls are having negotiations with Rades and co. He might arrive in the castle in Black Clover chapter 179. It’s quite interesting to see if Yuno actually managed to get rid of the elf inside him. By the look of things, out of all the groups of set off in the previous chapters, he would be the last one to reach the Royal Capital.

It’s been a while since we saw Asta and the Raging Bulls enter the Clover Castle. As per chapter 168, the Raging Bull is the nearest one to Patri, who is traveling to meet Licht and co. They might encounter the elf and prevent him from meeting with Licht and his friends.

Black Clover Chapter 179

The most curious case would be Gauche, who was never seen in this arc for a long time now. If he is to appear in Black Clover chapter 179, he might be in Nairn already and is reunited with his sister. It might mean that he will have an important role later on. And that’s it for this chapter. Stay tuned for more spoilers and updates.

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