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Better Call Saul Prequel: What Is Slippin’ Jimmy?

Better Call Saul Prequel
Better Call Saul Prequel

AMC’s mega-hit tv universe of Breaking Bad gets yet another expansion. Yes! That’s right! Just after the prequel to the adventures of Walter White gets a break on its final season, we get…The Better Call Saul Prequel. But not in the way, shape, and form that you’d imagine. Instead, this is a rather odd way to expand this franchise that spans a movie and two-hit series.

As you will see, the Better Call Saul prequel, titled “Slippin’ Jimmy,” comes in an animated-cartoonish style with the same æsthetics as Bojack Horseman. After reading this, you will know everything there’s to know about this prequel. Now, without any delay, let’s dig into this topic concerning tv’s favorite corrupt lawyer, Saul Goodman!

Better Call Saul Prequel

Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman

Better Call Saul Prequel: Slippin’ Jimmy

The series is set in Chicago and chronicles the life of Jimmy McGill in his early life, Slippin’ Jimmy will be narrated like those retro 1970s cartoon shows. And will have characters from the Better Call Saul show in animated form like Marco, Bobbi, Trent, and there’s one called Principal Karras.


For Slippin’ Jimmy, we know that Will Vought will voice Trent, and Jasmine Gatewood will voice Bobbi. Also, Chi McBride will voice Principal Karras, and Kyle S. Moore will voice a “young iteration of Marco.”

When Will Slippin’ Jimmy Air?

According to AMC, Slippin’ Jimmy will air online during the sixth season of Better Call Saul. It will be narrated across six episodes. Secondly, each episode will pay tribute to a film genre like Spaghetti Westerns, horror movies, and other shows. The six-episode miniseries dropped on AMC+ on May 23, 2022.

Who’s Behind Slippin’ Jimmy?

The animated series sports a familiar drawing style that many people will recognize. And that’s because Starburns, the animators behind the famous hit animated show “Rick and Morty,” is behind this production. Also, Kathleen Williams-Foshee and Ariel Levine —scriptwriters for Better Call Saul— are behind this project.

Better Call Saul Prequel

Some of the art for Slippin’ Jimmy

There Will Be More Animated Spin-offs

Slippin’ Jimmy might not be your brand of vodka. But if that doesn’t go down well. Well, we got news for you, there are more animated spin-offs of the Breaking Bad universe coming. Moreover, AMC confirmed this. Firstly, there’s Cooper’s Bar with Kim Wexler, and then there’s Better Call Saul Employee Training.

This trend continues what we’ve seen in previous seasons of the show, that show random funny stuff like Giancarlo Esposito as Gus Fring in Los Pollos Hermanos training employees, some security training at the methylamine company, Madrigal, or even ethics lessons from Kim Wexler. Now we will learn how to make those cheesy TV commercials that Saul Goodman does to promote his law practice.

Slippin’ Jimmy Review

After watching the chapters of Slippin’ Jimmy, I can tell you that it’s not my cup of tea. I personally am not a fan of these kinds of animated styles. And I honestly think that they could’ve done a way better job if they stuck honest to other clips like the Los Pollos Hermanos training videos or maybe something more of Kim Wexler. The humor’s goofy, and the script is just bland. Sure, it sticks to Saul Goodman, but that’s it. If you’re curious to watch it, go ahead. For me, it was just a waste of time.

Where To Watch Slippin’ Jimmy?

If you want to watch Better Call Saul Presents: Slippin’ Jimmy, then there are a few places to do it. Firstly, if you have AMC+, then you can have the AMC+ channel add-on to your Amazon Prime Video subscription. Secondly, you can watch this miniseries from your Roku Channel. Moreover, the show is also available from Fubo TV, DirecTV, and Spectrum on Demand.

How Much Does AMC+ Cost?

Depending on how you subscribe, AMC+ costs US$ 7 or US$ 9 a month. The standalone platform service is just US$ 9 a month. Also, there’s an annual subscription plan that will cost you US$ 83.88 a year. Firstly, AMC+ is an ad-free platform featuring on-demand content from different networks like AMC, IFC, Sundance Network, and BBC America. Though you will get a lot of content, you won’t have the live AMC channel, to do that, you will need a cable or live TV provider. With this, we conclude our coverage of this Better Call Saul topic here at Otakukart. Thanks for your attention. Happy streaming, and see you soon!

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