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Best Times GOT7 Members were Friendship Goals

Times GOT7 Members were Friendship Goals
The Popular K-Pop Group 'GOT7'

On January 16, 2014, 7 trainees under JYP Entertainment came together and formed the now so popular group ‘GOT7’. Their debut EP called ‘Got It?’ peaked in the ‘Gaon Album Chart’ at number 2 and held the first position on the ‘Billboard’s World’s Album Charts’. The group gained popularity and fame since its debut. They also got attention from people for their on-stage performances that combined their dance moves with martial arts and street dancing.

In 2014 itself, the group signed with ‘Sony Music Entertainment Japan’ and released their Japanese debut single ‘Around the World’. After a month of promotion in Japan, they returned to Korea to release their first full-length studio album called ‘Identity’. The album topped the nation’s charts.

In 2015, GOT7 released their song ‘Just Right’, a song, we are sure, most of our readers have heard. Its catchy tune and cute video make people fall in love with the then young K-Pop group. In 2016, GOT7 entered the Japanese market with their full-length Japanese album ‘Moriagatteyo’ which ranked third on the Oricon Albums Chart. Coming back to Korea, the group released three EPs in their ‘Flight Log series’ in the span of two years.

Times 'GOT7 members were friendship goals'

K-Pop Group ‘GOT7 in their Concert’

In the year 2017, they released their 7th EP ‘7 for 7’ which had their chart-topping single ‘You Are’. Their 8th EP ‘Eyes on You’ which was released in 2018 sold a huge number of copies, just like their ‘Flight Log Series’. In 2020, the group released their 11th EP ‘Dye’ which sold over 45,000 copies.

GOT7 Members Being the Friendship Goals We All Need

On the 19th of January in the year 2021, GOT7 departed from their company, JYP Entertainment. Their contract with the company had expired and all the members decided to not renew their contract and charge ahead in their solo careers. For all you need to know, the group hasn’t disbanded yet. They are just under different companies now. Right now, they don’t get to interact much because of their busy schedule. But, this doesn’t mean that they don’t hold each other dear anymore. Their friendship still lives on.

The Clingy Idol Group

If you have seen videos of GOT7 before they left JYP Entertainment, you’ll notice how clingy the members behave to each other. Jackson clings to JB, Mark clings to BamBam, Yugyeom clings to Youngjae, and the ‘cling list’ goes on and on. In fact, there’s a whole video of them clinging to each other on YouTube uploaded by a fan from 2 years back. You have the capacity to cling to a person only if you like the other person. GOT7 clinging to each other just shows how much they like and trust each other.

Times GOT7 Members were Friendship Goals

Popular K-Pop Idol Group ‘GOT7’

Their ‘Glamour Interview’

In 2020, the YouTube channel released an interview of the members of GOT7. They asked them questions related to their friendship and made them perform friendship exercises. Let’s get to know what the members had to say about each other.

The Members Talk about How They First Met Each Other and How they Grew Closer

Jackson and Jinyoung

Jackson said that when he first saw Jinyoung he noticed that he was holding a notebook and he came to realize that he was a dance maniac. He also discussed the popping Jinyoung did in between while eating. He called Jinyoung a true-hearted friend and that he was a friend for life. Jinyoung on the other hand said that when he first saw Jackson outside his company building, he thought he was an actor from Hong Kong.

Times 'GOT7 members were friendship goals'

The Ship ‘JJ’ from GOT7

He also said that Jackson was like his life teacher because he motivated him to do so many things. He told Jinyoung, ‘You can do anything. You can do it’. He mentioned that Jackson had a ‘Free’ personality, someone who is always relaxed and calm. At the end of all that he said, he declared that Jackson was his best friend.

‘Yugyeom and BamBam’

Then, we see ‘Yugyeom and BamBam’ talking about each other. Yugyeom started by telling the viewers that he met BamBam almost 9 years ago (which is supposed to be 11 years now). BamBam said that he was supposed to be the youngest at the company, but then Yugyeom came along. Both of them became friends as they realized they were the same age, although their height difference was more than a bit.

Times GOT7 members were friendship goals

The ship ‘YugBam’ from GOT7

BamBam mentioned that they used to fight a lot, but slowly came to understand each other better and better as time passed. While Yugyeom said that BamBam is his best friend, BamBam said that Yugyeom was on the list of his top 2 best friends. BamBam explained how he thought that Yugyeom was a better dancer than him, and how he thinks that the both of them learn a lot from each other.

‘Mark and Youngjae’

‘Mark and Youngjae’ are two buddies who are so close to each other that they own a pet dog together. Mark is the dad, and Youngjae is its mom.

Times GOT7 members were Friendship Goals

The ship ‘MarkJae’ from GOT7

‘JB and Mark’

JB said that when he first saw Mark, he thought he was naïve and too nice, and that at the beginning Mark had to use a lot of body language because he couldn’t speak Korean. There was one incident he talked about when he got into a fight with Mark. Mark started crying because he was having a tough time. JB apologized and was crying as well. After that incident, the two of them became closer.

Times GOT7 Members were friendship goals

The ship ‘MarkBum’ from GOT7

‘JB and Youngjae’

Youngjae said that when he first met JB, he seemed like an older brother figure, but they soon became closer and now know each other very well.

Times GOT7 members were Friendship Goals

The Ship ‘2Jae’ from GOT7

Giving Each other Compliments

Although the video of their interview is from 2 years back, we can’t ignore how much the members had to compliment each other for while maintaining the perfect equation. They seemed so close to each other, they laughed at each other, ‘dissed’ each other, and gave genuinely, and heartfelt compliments to each other. They talked about respecting each other. Jackson even went ahead and said that he saw Jinyoung as a mentor in his life. The members also complimented each other regarding their appearance, boosting each other’s confidence levels.

Hug for One Minute

When the GOT7 members were asked to hug each other for one whole minute, they were shocked and embarrassed. Jinyoung hugged Jackson while blowing air onto his face. BamBam hugged Yugyeom and the both of them said that they’ll be making each other’s fans jealous. JB, Youngjae, and Mark managed to hug each other in an awkward style and sang some funny-sounding song together. It was evident that they were flustered, but when they were asked if they thought they grew closer to each other after hugging, they said that they were already so close that they couldn’t be any closer.

Later they had a ‘Mirror each other’s dance moves’ exercise. They had fun while doing that. And finally, they had to do a trust fall. Yugyeom was the member who had to fall backward, trusting in his members that they’ll catch him, which they did. The Glamour Interview ends here.

Times GOT7 members were Friendship Goals

K-Pop Boy Group ‘GOT7’

GOT7 Ships

The kind of love for each other that they don’t hold back to show even in public, makes it unavoidable for their fans ‘Ahgase’ to not ship one member with the other. There are numerous videos on YouTube, Tik-Tok, and other platforms that show the affection that one member of the group shows to another. ‘Ahgase’ have even given names to their ships.

Times GOT7 members were friendship goals

The Famous K-Pop Idol Group ‘GOT7’

There is- MarkSon (Mark and Jackson), MarkJin (Mark and Jinyoung), JJ( JB and Jinyoung), 2Jae (JB and Youngjae), BumBam (JB and BamBam), etc. There are literally so many ships in the group that we can’t decide on one. We guess it’s because all of the members of GOT7 get along with each other so well, that their fans ship every member with every other.

Taking Care of ‘GOT7 Maknae’

While we are on the topic of friendship, we can’t talk about how well the seniors members of GOT7 take care of their maknae Yugyeom. They are always ready to support him in any way possible and that shows. Even though Yugyeom might seem fun and easy-going to most of ‘Ahgase’ he is a human too. He has his ups and downs. And guess, who is there to support him during his bad and good times? GOT6, that is the rest of the group. At least from what has been caught on the cameras- GOT6 takes care of Yugyeom while he’s eating, makes sure that he gets enough screen time, protects him in a crowd, and many other things.

Times GOT7 members were friendship goals

The Maknae of GOT7, Yugyeom

If this article was not enough for you to realize just how much the members of GOT7 love each other, we don’t know what will. In the meantime, while the members of GOT7 are trying to advance their solo careers in the K-Pop industry, let’s not think negatively and be worried about the member’s friendships. We are certain that their friendship won’t be affected just because they are not under the same company now. For now, ‘Ahgase’, let’s wait and wish for them to make a comeback as a group together.

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