Ben Affleck’s Affair With Nanny: All About The Controversial Affair!

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Ben Affleck affair

Were the ongoing rumors about Ben Affleck’s Affair, true? Justice League actor Ben Affleck has a tumultuous personal life that garnered huge media attention. While the actor has been recovering and is now dating former flame Jennifer Lopez, Affleck’s name once got embroiled in an affair allegation. Fans were in for a huge shock when Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announces a split after being married for a while. The affair fiasco soon became the talk of the town and took a complicated turn soon after.

While the two later opens up about the struggles, the actor allegedly faced a severe allegation of being unfaithful to the actress. Recently, the actor faced a huge backlash after he revealed that his alcohol addiction was partly due to his marriage. Affleck, who is currently seeing former flame Jennifer Lopez, said that he was unhappy in his marriage with Garner and used alcohol as an escape. Let us take a look at the original story and lesser-known facts about Ben Affleck’s Affair.

What Do We Know About Ben Affleck’s Affair With Nanny?

The former pair shares three children. Ben Affleck was allegedly having an affair with their kid’s nanny named Christine Ouzounian. While it is not clear whether this alleged affair was the reason for the eventual divorce, but it might have played a part.

Ben Affleck affair

Moreover, these allegations were fuelled after one of Christine’s friends claimed that the two were pretty close. The nanny was allegedly in love with the actor. Affleck, however, denied any such allegations and further negated these rumors as nothing but a hoax.

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The Gone Girl Actor Denies Having An Affair With The Nanny!

While these rumors took media tabloids by storm, the actor vehemently denied these claims. The rep further stated that the affair rumors are complete garbage and are full of lies. A reliable source stated that the two had a work relationship and friendship. There was nothing romantic or sexual between the two. Take a look at this short video clip as Ben Affleck opens up about his alcohol addiction and marriage. This interview recently faced a huge backlash on social media. The actor threw light on the aftermath of his public split with Garner. Here’s the clip is given below.

Another source however claimed that the two were involved for a while. This affair allegedly happens soon after the nanny was hired and would often meet at Hotel Bel-Air. Christine even had pictures that she showed around in her friend circle. It was later revealed that it was a proper relationship for Christine while her friends warned her about it. The relationship was a rumored fling and it soon caught the media’s attention. The actor has time and again denied this affair or having any romantic involvement with the nanny. 

Did Ben Affleck’s Newest Statement Upset Jennifer Garner?

While fans are no stranger to Affleck’s addiction issues and how his ex-wife was extremely supportive of him. The actress did not only stage an intervention but even took the actor to rehab. However, the Justice League star recently made a rather controversial statement saying that he drank more as he felt trapped in the marriage! He made this detailed confession in the newest interview on Sirius XM The Howard Stern Show. The statement has taken social media by storm and has apparently made a lot of his close ones unhappy with it.

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Ben Affleck affair

Garner’s friends have reportedly called the statement problematic while many even stated how the actress always stood beside him. Not only that but many pointed out how the actor had alcohol issues even before his marriage. Ben Affleck has addressed this backlash stating that his words have been misconstrued. Rumors have it that Affleck’s current partner Jennifer Lopez is also not quite on board with the statement. She is not happy that her name is being dragged into the backlash. Affleck admitted that the backlash he faced has hurt his feelings. The actor further explained that how his lines were taken in the wrong sense.

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