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Be My Boyfriend Episode 15: Plot Breakdown & Recap

Be My Boyfriend episodes breakdown
A scene from Be My Boyfriend wherein Hanna, A scene from Be My Boyfriend wherein Hanna, Jina, and Minji are together (Credit: Naver Tv)

Korean Web Drama, Be My Boyfriend revolves around two high school students, Lee Seung Min and Oh Ji Na. They are polar opposite in characters but get involved in a contractual relationship. Despite the circumstances, they began falling for each other. But, many people do not want them to be together. One is Ku Hyung Tak, who loves Jina, and the other is Hanna. She was a good friend of Jina but grew apart as she wants to win over Jina at any cost. Be My Boyfriend’s release date was on February 25, 2021. The series consisted of fifteen episodes.

The parent story for Be My Boyfriend is Best Mistake. The parent’s story success led to the creation of Be My Boyfriend. The series leading cast are Shin Hyung Seung, Im Sung Kyung, Lee Shi Woo, and Choi Yu Ju. They are respectively depicting Lee Seung Min, Ku Hyung Tak, Oh Ji Na, and Seong Han Na. The other roles include Kim Byeong Kwan and Jung Bo Min in the roles of Oh Ba UI and Joo Min Ji. There are also appearances of various guest casts in different episodes.

Be My Boyfriend Episode 13 & 14: Breakdown 

Be My Boyfriend Episode 13 aired on April 08, 2021, at 18:00 KST on Naver TV and YouTube. Episode 13 begins with Lee Seung Min writing something. He also thinks that nothing is better than being honest. He is so busy writing that he did not even receive Ba Wool’s call. Seung Min also began sticking something on the notice board. He found a way to overcome the present crisis. Seung Min began speaking in the student’s broadcasting room. He began by greeting the students of Hwayang High and introducing himself.

Be My Boyfriend episodes breakdown

A scene from Be My Boyfriend wherein Hanna, Jina, and Minji are together (Credit: Naver Tv)

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Lee Seung Min says he has to say something regarding the rumours concerning Oh Jina lately. First of all, he says, as everyone knows, Oh, Jina and he is in a contractual relationship. He also did not want to go through the contract. Because he did not want a fake contract with Jina, he wanted to date her for real. Jina also had the upper hand in their relationship as he liked her a lot more than she liked him. Then, he also says about the contract that everyone read is the best one for him and asks everyone to support their relationship. Moreover, he asks everyone to stop criticizing Jina so that they can start a real relationship after the contract gets over.

Jina says to Han Na that even if everyone hates her, she will be okay as one person loving her is enough. She asks Han Na to do whatever she wants, but she would not give in to her. After a few days, the rumours regarding Jina quieted down. But, Hanna also stopped coming to school. Ky Hyung Tak came to a realization that Jina’s heart lies with Seung Min. Jina went to meet Hanna, to which Hanna asks her to give up Seung Min. She likes him, and Jina should at least give up one thing for their friendship to continue. The episode came to an end with the arrival of the day of their contractual relationship ending.

Be My Boyfriend Episode 14 aired on April 13, 2021, at 18:00 KST on Naver TV and YouTube. Episode 14 starts with Seung Min and Jin skipping school and goes out for a date. At the end of Episode 13, Jina asks Seung Min to go and play hooky with her. Even though he did not wants to skips school, both Jina and Seung Min goes on a date at Episode 14. They enjoy their time holding hands, reading books, eating together, and clicking photos. On the other hand, we saw a romantic scene of Oh Ba UI and Joo Min Ji.

Hanna comes to school, and Min Ji asks her how she is. However, Hanna is only interested in knowing the whereabouts of Jina and Seung Min. She also messages Jina and asks her is she having a date with Seung Min. Meanwhile, Jina contemplates what to do and does not reply to Hanna. She also received a call on Seung Min’s phone and came to know that her street light got fixed. Seung Min continuously called community service and irritated them for fixing the light. Jina fell in love with his gesture.

We also see a scene wherein Hanna asks Ku Hyun Tak to win over Jina as their contractual relationship is getting over. Then, she will also get a proper chance with Seung Min. Hyun Tak asks her did she really loves Seung Min or just wants to win over Jina. Hanna replies both. Hyun Tak says liking Seung Min is another thing. But why did she wants to win over Jina? Hanna says that you know how it is in competitions. Hyun Tak says he does not know as he never tried to win over his friends. He says only Jina considered her as a friend. The episode ends with Jina breaking up with Seung Min.

Be My Boyfriend Episode 15: Breakdown

Be My Boyfriend Episode 15 aired on April 15, 2021, at 18:00 KST on Naver TV and YouTube. Episode 15 starts with lonesome moments but ends on a great happy note. It is the last episode of the series. The episode starts with Seung Min broadcasting and everyone congratulating him. However, he is not so happy. He thinks that everything is the same, but only Jina is not with him. On the other hand, Jina is in the classroom. She thinks everything got changed, but the blanket Seung Min gave her is still warm.

Seung Min and Jina ran into each other in the corridor. However, Jina runs away before he could say anything. She runs into Hyun Tak, who sees her crying. Jina says to him that she and Seung Min broke up. Hyun Tak asks did she ever cried for him when they broke up. Jina says yes, she cried but only when she was with him. Hyun Tak asks if he could ever remain her friend. Furthermore, he also says Jina not to give over her relationship and happiness for somebody else.

Seung Min talks with his father and realizes that he should try more to be with Jina. On the other hand, Jina and Hanna meet each other. Hanna fak consoles her about the breakup. Jina, after realizing her mistake, breaks up with Hanna and criticizes her. The episode ends with Seung Min and Jina came together.

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