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Spoilers & Preview: Be Loved in House: I Do Episode 11

Be Loved in House I Do Episode 11 Release Date
Promotional Poster for Be Loved in House I Do (credit: Viki)

Be Loved in House: I Do Episode 11 is eagerly awaited as a third character appears in the last episode of the show between Jin Yu Zhen and Shi Lei. How will that person influence the relationship between Jin Yu Zhen and Shi Lei? The present article details all about Be Loved in House: I Do Episode 1 release date and preview. Yin Yu Zhen is surprised to see his ex-boyfriend, Yi Zi Tong back in his life as he never thought that he would appear in his life again. On the other hand, Shi Lei thinks that he never thought that there would be someone else in between him and Yu Zhen. He suddenly feels that they are so far apart. Yi Zi Tong appears before Yu Zhen and says he finally saw him.

The Taiwanese BL drama, Be Loved in House: I Do, found its inspiration from 2013’s Just You drama. The series is soon coming to an end in the next week. Furthermore, the airing of only one episode takes place every week. The drama features Aaron Lei and Hank Wang in the leading role. They are portraying the role of Jin Yu Zhen and Shi Lei, respectively. Chiang Ping Chen is the director of the drama.

Be Loved in House: I Do Episode 11: Release Date

Be Loved in House: I Do Episode 11 will be released on July 22, 2021, at 9:30 a.m. on Vidol, Viki, KKTV, and WeTv. Hence, only a few hours are left for the airing of episode 11 of the Taiwanese show. Moreover, it is also the penultimate episode of the series. After that, only one more episode will get left for the completion of the series.

What is the release date of Be Loved in House I Do Episode 11?

A glimpse into one of the scenes of Be Loved in House I Do (credit: Viki)

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Be Loved in House: I Do Episode 11: Preview

Be Loved in House: I Do Episode 11 has got a short preview. In the upcoming episode of the BL drama, we will see jealousy and how will Jin Yu Zhen and Shi Lei’s relationship turn into. The next episode will feature Jin Yu Zhen’s ex. Will Jin Yu Zhen and Shi Lei find happiness with each other in the end or not? In the preview, we see Shi Lei and Yi Zi Tong talking with each other. Yu Zhen saw them and is shocked seeing Yi Zi Tong while the latter also notices him and smiles at him.

Then, we also see a moment taking place between Yu Zhen and Shi Lei. However, it does not last long. Yi Zi Tong comes to Yu Zhen’s office and tries to kiss him and woo him back. The preview also shows Shi Lei and Yi Zi Tong talking alone somewhere. Shi Lei says to Zi Tong that Jin Yu Zhen still has not forgotten Zi Tong. The latter smiles and replies about him returning for the same reason for finding Yu Zhen. Shi Lei is sad to hear the same. Nevertheless, he asks Zi Tong if he still loves Yu Zhen.

Be Loved in House: I Do Episode 11: An Awkward Talk between Shi Lei and Yu Zhen

An awkward talk takes place between Shi Lei and Yu Zhen in the Be Loved in House: I Do Episode 11. They are unable to express their feelings and love for each other. Shi Lei and Yu Zhen encounter each other at one moment in the home.

Yu Zhen asked him to wait and says about having to talk with regarding something all the time. But, Shi Lei begins to speak nice things about someone. I guess it is about Yi Zi Tong. Shi Lei says that he is very funny and good to work with. Yu Zhen asks, is it so? To which Shi Lei says that everyone likes him well. However, Yu Zhen asks Shi Lei why he is saying nice things about Zi Tong. Shi Lei asks him what is going on. Yu Zhen tries to speak and say something to Shi Lei. But, the word never comes out of his mouth. At last, Shi Lei leaves him, saying that he will go to bed first if it is all right with Yu Zhen.

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