Baki 2018 Episode 21 – Baki VS Sikorsky And Yanagi

In the previous episode of Baki, Yanagi’s technique of Poison Punch is explained. Sikorsky was also shown to escape one of the (literally) highest security prisons there is just to be even with Baki. With Yanagi and Sikorsky teaming up against Baki, and with Kozue possibly in danger, what will Baki do in Baki 2018 episode 21?

Baki 2018 Episode 21 – Two VS One

Baki will fight against Yanagi and Sikorsky in Baki 2018 episode 21. As seen in the last episode, even Yanagi’s lethal poison seem to not affect Baki in any way. After receiving a lash and opening his skin, Baki returned the pain without flinching. He is about to finish Yanagi when Sikorsky tried to ambush him. The ambush was not successful, but it almost got Baki if Kozue did not interfere and warned him before Sikorsky attacked.

baki 2018 episode 21

Seeing the situation, Kozue will offer her help because the fight is 2 vs 1. But Baki will decline, telling her that these two men cannot beat him even if they come at him at once. He will also tell her that that statement is not out of confidence, but rather, a “clear as day” premonition. That’s because time has passed but the two is still not attacking. In the end, Baki ended up the one initiating the fight and beating the two who challenged him.

However, Sikorsky and Yanagi will not back down easily. Yanagi will restrict Baki with his poisoned hand (that, for some reason) sticks into Baki’s hand. But Sikorsky is not successful in his counterattack because Baki used Yanagi as a shield against Sikorsky’s attack. Yanagi is wondering why the poison is not working. Suddenly, Hanayama appeared beside Kozue, telling Baki that he became stronger than before.

When Yanagi and Sikorsky started to get up, Baki carried Kozue and ran, telling Hanayama that the table is on him now. However, instead of fighting them, Hanayama said that he is going home. Yanagi will be very humiliated and he would be angry because of this. What will he do to get even in the future? That’s it with Baki 2018 episode 21 spoilers. Stay tuned for future episode spoilers.

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