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    Itachi Uchiha’s Tragic Untold Love Story

    About 2 years ago, Kishimoto worked together with Takashi Yano and they finally published a light novel series called “Naruto Shinden”, which literally means “Naruto’s True Stories”; this series is divided into 3 chapters: the first and the second talk about Itachi’s past, and for this reason they’re titled “Itachi Shinden”, while the 3rd one […] More

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    One Piece – Top 10 Strongest Attacks Ever Seen

    10 – VENOM DEMON This is Magellan’s ultimate attack. Thanks to the Doku Doku Devil Fruit, he produces an enormous amount of liquid poison that he uses to create a devil-like entity which mimics Magellan’s movements; this creature releases a noxious smoke to go along with. In fact, this poison is so toxic to affect […] More

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    Why Jiraya Was Never Reanimated With The Edo Tensei? – Explained!

    According to every Naruto fan’s opinion, with no doubt one of the most important characters of the series is Jiraya: he is one of the 3 Sennin, he has been Naruto’s master and godfather and he also demonstrated to be incredibly powerful and skilled. Despite this, we have never seen him being reanimated by anyone […] More

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    One Piece: The Spade Pirates In Wano?? – Explained!

    Some days ago I was taking a look at the current story of One Piece and, thinking about the upcoming Wano arc (which is supposed to come up after the Big Mom arc), I thought of an interesting theory for which the former Spade Pirates could join the Mugiwara Alliance alongside Marco The Phoenix and […] More

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    What Happened To Itachi’s First Akatsuki Partner? – Explained!

    Among all the couples of ninja who used to work together in the Akatsuki, one of the strongest ever is the one composed of Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki. Despite this, we know that Kisame arrived later than Itachi because, at the beginning, Itachi used to have a different partner. Anyway, a lot of people […] More

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    How Strong Is Charlotte Perospero In Reality? – Explained!

    Charlotte Perospero is the eldest son of the Charlotte Family and also the Minister Of Candy of Tottoland; in addition, his bounty is said to be about 700.000.000 Berries. Although Perospero isn’t a Sweet Commander, I think that he can be considered even stronger than Charlotte Smoothie, since when Vito named the “monsters” belonging to […] More

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    Hunter x Hunter – 4 Things You Didn’t Know About Hisoka

    If we ask a group of otakus what are the best anime ever created, the majority of them will probably answer, among all the others, “Hunter x Hunter”. In fact, if you try to think about it, this anime has everything an anime needs to be considered as “good”: healthy principles, superpowers, fighting scenes, strong […] More

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    A Connection Between Katakuri And Bartolomeo?? – Explained!

    In the incredibly vast world of One Piece, we met a lot of different races, such as, for example, Titans, Demons, Mermaids etc, but are we sure that we’ve met all of them? What if there are some other races that we haven’t already seen? Anyway, all of those species of living beings are characterized […] More