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    Monkey D. Garp: The Strongest Marine Ever? Explained!

    When we think about One Piece characters, we are used to considering, for example, the Admirals, the Yonko, the Shichibukai, the members of Revolutionary Army and the strongest ones we’ve ever heard about. On the other hand, if you reflect just for a minute and you start thinking about those characters who we are used […]

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    How Can Blackbeard Use Two Devil Fruits Powers? Explained!

    Marshall D. Teach, as known as “Blackbeard”, is the former commander of Whitebeard’s second division; now he’s a Yonko and he has his own crew composed by previous Impel Down level six prisoners. We know that Blackbeard obtained the powers of Yami Yami fruit, which gave him the possibility to control darkness and gravity: he […]

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    Ken Kaneki: Deepest Character Ever? -Tokyo Ghoul

    As we know, Kaneki is Tokyo Ghoul’s main character. Since a lot of people find him really deep, today I’m gonna introducing you an analysis of his personality, making a comparison between the Kaneki we were used to seeing before the second season and the Kaneki who is born during that season. If you remember, […]

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    Owner Of Ancient Weapon Uranus In One Piece?

    In the world of One Piece, among all the unsolved mysteries, there’s the one about Ancient Weapons. About them, we only know that they’re mass-destruction weapons which power goes from destroying an island to the destruction of the whole planet. As far as we know, there are only 3 Ancient Weapons: – Pluton: it seems […]

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    Top 5 Best Less-Considered Anime

    Nowadays anime are known by more people than some years ago. This happened thanks to social networks, which contributed to their spreading by sharing news and information, and also thanks to the marketing process some anime took part in. On the contrary, what about those anime that are less marketed but deserve the same consideration […]

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    One Piece: Luffy Is Going To Lose

    While I was reading some One Piece theories and posts on recent event in the mang, I found out that lot of people agree about the fact that Luffy is underestimated, in particular in the fight he’s involved in now against Katakuri. You know what? I think he’s OVERestimated. I mean, lot of them were […]