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  • Germa 66 one piece

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    The Dark Truth About Germa 66 In One Piece

    Today we will be discussing a very touchy subject about Germa 66, from which part of real life the Germa 66 is founded and what do they represent. Germa 66 also known as warmongers is the military branch of Germa Kingdom and Underworld mercenary force commanded by Vinsmoke Judge and his 4 children Ichiji, Niji, […]

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    One Piece Spoilers Uploader Just Got Arrested

    Usually I post articles concerning theories and fun, cool stuff about One Piece but today we have other Breaking News: One Piece Spoiler Uploader from Okinawa gets arrested. Since 2009, 44 people got arrested from scanlation meaning uploading manga, anime, films and music prior the release date. In Japan, it is illegal for such things […]

  • One Piece Mysteries


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    Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries In One Piece After The Time-skip

    Today’s list is all about the mysteries I found interesting to mention that are present in One Piece, we still should get an answer of them all and by the end of the series these questions will be answered as they are a crucial point to piece all the puzzles together. I ordered them in […]

  • One Piece Mystery Solved


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    One Of The Biggest One Piece Mystery Solved?

    Hi everyone, today I would like to address the hardcore fans who want to know everything about One Piece by shining some light on that foggy place called the Florian Triangle Mystery. To all hardcore anime fans that watched couple of anime throughout the years, by now you should have seen a pattern in the […]

  • One Piece Chapter 877 Sabo Bounty

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    One Piece Chapter 877 Spoilers And Sabo’s Bounty Revealed!

    Hi everyone, in today’s list I will be spilling out some spoilers about One Piece Chapter 877 and Sabo’s Bounty. Charlotte Pudding To all those fans who haven’t read the manga and watch only the anime, here is one big spoiler Charlotte Pudding isn’t the cute and wonderful person you think she is. She has […]

  • Popular

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    Monkey D. Luffy Is Dying In One Piece

    In today’s list, I will be talking about the top reason why Monkey D. Luffy is dying, what has shortened his life so much and what is going to happen to him.   1. Gears 2 & 3 During the Enies Lobby Arc, Robin Lucci pointed out that Luffy Gear 2, is shortening his life […]

  • Who Can Defeat A Yonkō

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    7 One Piece Characters Who Can Defeat A Yonkō

    Welcome back guys, in this list we will see the top 7 One Piece Characters Who Can Defeat A Yonkō. Few pirates may achieve this so I chose to do a list from all the characters around the World of One Piece just from the anime. In the One Piece anime, we know of 5 […]

  • 11 Members strawhats crew

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    One Piece Creator Hints Strawhats Crew Will Have 11 Members

    In today’s post, I will try to waken up your imagination and investigating chain of thought. We will be trying to find out hints and Oda’s foreshadowing pieces of the puzzle to try to guess what will happen next. Jinbei joining the crew Well, this is obvious that Jinbei is destined to join the crew. […]

  • Who is Kaido

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    King of The Beasts Kaido’s Real Identity

    Hi and welcome back to another one piece theory, today we will be discussing Who is Kaido and how he is not a human.. First off, I would like to tell the different inter species that we have seen so far regarding species that can live in the sea or have relations to the fishman. […]