Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 11: Preview, Spoilers

A lot of things are expected to change now that Historia is the ruler behind the walls. Meanwhile, Eren is trying to improve his Titan powers to finally fill the hole in Shiganshina District. While they’re at it, Keith Shadis will tell more story about Grisha Yaeger. Eren will finally find out why he saw Keith Shadis during the flashback involving his father in Attack On Titan season 3 episode 11.

Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 11 Preview

Now that the former monarchy was defeated, the focus of the Survey Corps right now is to improve Eren’s hardening ability and fill the hole in Shiganshina District. Meanwhile, Historia built an orphanage while she let the rule in the hands of the Government. A Titan Guillotine is also made, which made it safer to get rid of the Titans trying to find their way inside the walls. There are also a lot of new recruits in the Survey Corps, with the addition of Marlowe and other Garrison guys.

Eren has a new mission on his own, to find the identity of the guy who he saw from his father’s flashback. Jean suggested that Eren might want to see their old instructor Keith Shadis to receive a headbutt so that he can remember that man’s identity. Suddenly, Eren realized that the man he saw on his flashback looks exactly like Keith Shadis.

Keith Shadis will reveal how he found Grisha Yaegar outside the walls a long time ago. As bizarre as it is, he brought the man with him (who has an amnesia back then) and taught him how humans live inside the walls. It is revealed that Grisha Yaeger doesn’t really know a thing about how humans live inside the wall, which is bizarre for Keith because the only humans left, as he knows it, are humans inside the wall.

He will later tell his story as the former Survey Corps Commander and how he entrusted the role to Erwin after his failed tenure. Hange and Erwin will then conclude that Grisha is the proof that something more is there behind the walls. They concluded that he is a man from outside the walls and he just might know the first king’s secret. And that’s it for Attack On Titan season 3 episode 11. Stay tuned for the next spoilers.

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