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Ashes of Love Ending Explained

Ashes of Love Chinese Drama Watch Online Free
Ashes of Love

Ashes of Love is a Chinese drama in the fantasy and romance genres. It aired in 2018. By January 2019, Ashes of Love became one of the biggest Chinese dramas of all time, with viewership records surpassing 15 billion people worldwide. Ashes of Love is actually based on a novel called Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost. It was written by Dian Xian. The drama has a total of 63 episodes. Initially, it can feel like the story is dragging in some parts, desperately trying to fill up a plot. However, if you persevere through these parts, the drama is worth one watch. It stars Yang Zi and Deng Lun as the lead protagonists. Moreover, there are several supporting characters who live in the different realms that have been featured in the series. We have heaven, flower, demon, and mortal (human) realms.

The story mainly follows the lives of the gods in the flower and heaven realms. Zifen is the flower deity who has given birth to a daughter – Jinmi. Before she passes away, Zifen had a premonition. Here, she foresaw her daughter’s great misery when it comes to being in love. She must undergo some tough trials in the first ten thousand years of her life. Thereby, Zifen gives Jinmi a magical pellet that prevents her from feeling or expressing any kind of love.

After her mother’s death, Jinmi continues to live in the flower realm, unaware of her true divine identity. However, the real story begins when Jinmi meets Xufeng, the fire deity. She then moves to the Heavenly Realm. We have discussed the plot and ending of the series in great detail below. Hence, beware of any spoilers!

Ashes of Love Where To Watch

Ashes of Love

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Ashes of Love Plot Synopsis

Once Jinmi enters the Heavenly realm, she meets many other deities. Two important characters introduced here are Runyu and Sui He. Runyu is Xufeng’s half-brother and the night deity. Sui He, on the other hand, happens to be a princess who is also a close ally to the boys’ mother – the Holy Empress. Sui He has a strong belief that she will one day marry Xufeng. As a result of this belief, it doesn’t sit well with her when both Xufeng and Runyu fall for Jinmi.

Jinmi becomes the cause of several wars and turfs between the two brothers. It is around this time that Jinmi realizes that she is not an ordinary immortal but the daughter of the late Flower deity and the current Water deity. Runyu takes this opportunity to turn Jinmi against Xufeng by telling her he killed her father. Jinmi is furious. She even goes as far as killing Xufeng and coughing up her magical pellet.

Later though, Xufeng is reborn in the Demon realm. He soon takes over as the Demon deity, Sui He has followed him all the way to the demon realm and does everything in her power to marry him. However, Xufeng learns the truth behind his rebirth and wages war against Runyu, who has ascended the throne and become the Holy Emperor. Jinmi is tired of innocent people losing their lives. This is why she decides to give up herself in order to save the Gods from fighting.

Ashes of Love Ending Explained

Ashes of Love

Ashes of Love Ending Explained

In Ashes of Love, the ending is a rather happy one. If you want to know whether Xufeng and Jinmi got their happily ever after, let us save you the misery. They did! Xufeng and Jinmi do end up with each other and also have a son together. However, that in no way implies that the couple didn’t have their fair share of struggles in the way.

After Jinmi dies, Xufeng looks for her frantically across all the realms. After three years of desperate searching, Xufeng realizes that Jinmi is actually a teardrop in his eye. Thereby, he decides to wait for her to be reincarnated for as long as it takes. Five hundred years later, Jinmi is reborn as a shopkeeper’s daughter in the mortal realm. Xufeng finds her and abducts her from her wedding procession. The two live happily ever after and even have a son together.

Meanwhile, Runyu lives in the Heavenly realm as the celestial deity with one faithful servant who promises to always stay loyal – Kuanglu. Sui He meets an unfortunate fate and is eaten alive by one of the former Demon deity’s sons.

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