Anime Comparison: So I Can’t Play H! vs. HighSchool: DxD


3. Powerful Red Haired Girl

Lisara Restall

Lisara Restall is the heir to the Restall Family, a prominent and powerful Shinigami family. Many of her techniques are extremely powerful, and several times she has dealt lethal damage to a monster in a single blow. However, while in the human world she needs a source of energy. Ryosuke USUALLY doesn’t have enough energy to give her, but the moment he thinks of something perverted his energy levels skyrocket. But her powers or techniques are not what define her, its actually her red hair. Its one of the things that Ryosuke actually comes to love about her.

Rias Gremory

Rias Gremory, like Lisara, is also heir to a prominent and powerful family. She also is extremely powerful herself. her nickname is the “Ruin Princess.” However, she is only as powerful as her emotions let her. Several times she has destroyed things when she has a cool head. However, you get a small glimpse of exactly how powerful she is because (Spoiler Alert) during the fight with Loki, Issei actually dies. In preparation for that fight they brought three vials of Phoenix tears from the Devil House of Phoenix. They actually wind up using all three toward the beginning, and right as Issei is reaching for Mjolnir (Yes, Thor’s hammer) Fenrir jumps out of nowhere and kills Issei. They think there is no hope and Rias runs to try and help him, but she thinks its too late. Her power literally explodes and everyone has to vacate the nearby area. eventually an extra vial of phoenix tears that Issei was carrying on him falls out of his pocket and he is alive and locks Loki away with Mjolnir. As you can see, there are several similarities between them, however, there is only one difference between Lisara Restall and Rias Gremory, their boobs. Rias is known for her big boobs, yet Lisara’s are small.

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