Pokemon Go Background Volume Bug

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This bug has been around for some time, I noticed it when returning to the game from a month long heist. I would casually play the game on my way to work. After about a week or two of ignoring my music, and instead playing Pokemon Go. I decide it’s time to start jamming out before another long day at work. I would listen to music for about 10 minutes before opening the game. Yes, the closest Pokestop is 10 minutes away from me…

When I opened the app while I was listening to music, I realized that the song I was listening to wasn’t as loud. At first, this was just pushed aside, thinking I might have turned the volume down. After seeing that wasn’t the issue, I realized it was the game. This may not be an issue for those who don’t normally listen to music on their device. For those with long rides, however, it could be a choice between music or the game depending on how loud you normally like your music.

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It is a frustrating bug nonetheless. I enjoy listening to music while I play games. If it came down to life or death, I would probably choose music over the game. Honestly, with the changes Niantic keeps making to the game. It would almost be better to just listen to music if you are on the road. The only thing that seems to really count/work when going over 20 miles and hour, would be eggs. They only count though when you slow down or hit stops, other than that, the game is pointless to try and run in the background.

When I first started, I would much rather play the game. The game allowed me to see Pokemon I may not have while traveling back and forth to work. Now as we all know. Not only does the nearby system go blank, but we can’t spin at stops. The game still gives us the safety message ” are you a passenger” when there really isn’t much of a need for it anymore.

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