A Belated Thank You We Should All Participate In


There are several reasons each individual should be thankful, many things of which aren’t shared but personal. Even if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be thankful for the things you have. Only a week late, there is one person we should all consider thanking, and that is Satoshi Tajiri.

Tajiri had a dream, it began with his love for insects. He was very fond of insects and tadpoles found in the suburbs of Tokyo; later to form the idea of one of the largest creative franchises in the world. He loved insects so much, he wanted to share the thrills of collecting them with other children.

Getting a few of his friends together, Tajiri created Game Freak. When Tajiri discovered the Game Boy and Game Boy Linking Cable, his dream grew bigger, imagining the insects traveling through the wire.

Ultraman; a fantasy TV series influenced Tajiri to further his creation when the protagonist of the series used monsters that were contained in small capsules. He later pitched “Capsule Monsters” to Nintendo, only for his idea to be dismissed. Later on, Tajiri befriends Shigeki Morimoto who pitches the idea to Nintendo once again.

Once the game was funded, it spent 6 years in development, leading to a financial loss, and “Capsule Monsters” being changed to the well-known game “Pocket Monsters”. Several members of Tajiri’s team left him, while he stayed with his ship, everyone thought to be sinking. Many unpaid hours went by while the rest his team, including him, finished the game.

If it weren’t for Tajiri being stubborn about his creation, we wouldn’t have the Pokemon we know and love today. Though his team also deserves a big thank you for sticking with him through his long journey, and Nintendo as well for helping make it possible for everyone to share the joy of collecting “insects” Tajiri had.

Of course, if it weren’t for Niantic, we wouldn’t have Pokemon go. Though through a bit of hardship, not being very communicative and drastic changes to the game, we owe them a big thank you too.

I would like to Thank,

Satoshi Tajiri and his team, Nintendo, and Niantic for all of their hard work!

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