This article totally focuses on the New Captain of Squad 13, Rukia Kuchiki. Her promotion happened after the seat was left open by the death of Jushiro Ukitake.

She is one of the main characters of Bleach. She is modest and warm-hearted. I am so glad she became a captain at the end of series.

Date of Birth: January 14


She is a young girl with 4’9 height with light skin and purple eyes. She is graceful and clean yet talks to ordinary people. Her elegance is quite graceful and she didn’t forget her modesty even after getting adopted to a noble family. She is usually seen in standard shinigami uniform, however, in the human world, she had trouble choosing clothes that fit her. So, she would steal Yuzu’s Clothes.


Her Zanpakto, Sode no Shirayuki, is considered one of the most beautiful Zanpakto in soul society. It’s a standard katana with a reddish brown hilt in sealed form.

Shikai: Sode no Shirayuki

Its release command is ”Dance”. The blade, hilt, and tsuba turn white and a ribbon grows from the top. The general ability of her Shikai is to freeze. it brings the body temperature of wielder down to even absolute zero. She uses different dances to perform different techniques to use that ability.

Bankai: Hakka no Togame

The release of Bankai strongly amplifies her ability and a large area around her freezes down to absolute zero. Her physical appearance and clothes also change. She still needs to master its powers. If not, she can affect allies around her and even herself brutally.

Random Fact: Rukia was the first character to be conceived in the bleach manga.

Overall power:

Her Bankai made her the candidate for a captain. Her strength and power kept on increasing gradually throughout the whole manga. She got promoted to lieutenant first and now she is a Captain. She worked hard to get to this level but there is still a lot to do. Her skill in Kido is admirable too.

She needs to master her Bankai so it doesn’t affect her own body.

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