Again My Life Episode 9 Release Date: Hee Woo Starts an Investigation on Kang Jin

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release date of again my life episode 9
Again My Life episode 9

Again My life Episode 9 is only a week away and we are not ready for it. The series has already taken countless twists and turns that none of us saw coming. Again My Life turned us all into lawyers, prosecutors, and believers in justice. The series also rekindled the faith and hope in humanity that has been constantly receding over the years. However, if overthinking and introspection are not your cup of tea then the series is also a satisfactory crime thriller to squander your time on!

If you have never been a fan of Lee Joon Gi before, his performance in Again My Life is bound to have changed things. If you were already under his spell, then rest assured you have fallen deeper into his magic. The rest of the cast is just as astounding and has done a commendable job in showcasing their talents. The end of every episode is followed by restlessness and frustration due to the long week that awaits before the next segment. However, Again My Life episode 9 will soon be out and we have our hopes high!

Again My Life Episode 9 Preview

Hee woo continues to make bold moves in order to bring down his opponents. Although, his final strike is with respect to Jo Tae Sub. He first tries to win back the trust and faith that the society’s individuals had lost in their prosecutors. He achieves this through the detainment of Jang Il Hyun. Il Hyun is no quiet kitten and tries his best to bring down those who had seemingly escaped despite being just as corrupt as him. However, nothing gets past the watchful eyes of Kim Hee Woo and he has already made Kang Jin his next target. He works along with Min Soo to unveil evidence and build a case that is sure to put Kang Jin behind bars.

release date of Again My life episode 9
Kim Hee Woo saves Han Mi from an unfair marriage

On the other side of Again My Life Episode 9 is Han Mi who is being forced to enter into a marriage of convenience. Her cunning father sets her up with an unlawful man with hopes of expanding his conglomerate. However, as her best friend and well-wisher, Hee Woo would never let such a gruesome thing happen. He digs deep into the profile of her future husband and reveals the shady and unfaithful nature of the man. In this way, fans can look forward to witnessing Hee Woo rescue more of the people he holds close to his heart while also never losing focus on his ultimate goal, which is the destruction of Jo Tae Sub.

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Again My Life Episode 9 Release Date

Again My Life Episode 9 will release on 6th May 2022 at 10:00 pm KST. One does not have to head to the club to enjoy their Friday nights anymore! This is because Again My Life has got your dose of entertainment covered. For those fans living in different time zones across the world, you can catch the episode at the following time slots. They would be 6:30 pm IST, 11:00 pm AEST, and 8:00 Central time. The game is just getting started and you do not want to miss this phenomenon!

release date of again my life episode 9

Again My Life Online streaming details: How to Watch Episode 9?

The series will air exclusively on the SBS television network. However, it is also available for online streaming on pay-to-watch platforms like VIU TV. It can also be streamed on the Rakuten Viki web apps. The series has allowed its viewers to experience all emotions right from swooning over the dashing prosecutor to sitting on the edge of their seats with frustration because of Jo Tae Sub’s actions. Watch Kim Hee Woo slay like the absolute king he is only on Again My Life episode 9! Stay tuned to Otakukart for more updates.

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