Aespa’s Winter Took A Dig At The Haters On Live Stage!!!

aespa's winter

There’s no lie that Aespa is SM Entertainment’s one of the groups out there right now. With their growing popularity all over the world and the increasing sales, Aespa is considered a monster rookie group. As the live shows have already started, Aespa’s Winter, Karina, Ning Ning, and Giselle have finally taken over the stage at many. Gracing their fans with their melodious voice and outstanding dance moves. While fans are having their time with so much Aespa content, the haters are still salty about it. Just like any other idol on the stairs of popularity, they’ve also been a target of fake news and alleged rumors going around on the internet.

It hasn’t been much time since Aespa’s leader Winter landed in a controversy. With her involvement on her (apparent) AskFM account from the middle school. But as the controversy got solved as the account belonged to somebody else. Haters didn’t really back down and attacked the girl group once again. As SM is known for making their artists lip-sync at live concerts. The haters started attacking that Aespa, too, has been lip-syncing. Having enough of all the made-up bad things and rumors, recently, Winter decided to take the matters into her own hands. And put the end to the whole lip-syncing at the live stage rumor going around.

aespa's winter
Aespa’s Winter proves the haters wrong with a subtle move of hers on the live stage.

Aespa’s Winter Takes A Dig At The Haters On Stage

On January 9, Aespa took the live stage at SBS Inkigayo. They went on to perform their latest track, “Dreams Come True”. From the stage presence and the charming yet killer visuals to the amazing vocals and the dance moves, everything was perfect. But something that stood out the most was Winter’s dig at the haters that she took in between the performance in a really subtle way. While performing the song, as soon as Giselle was done with her part. She had to make her way to the front of the stage and sing the line, “You gotta be mine“. But walking forward, she didn’t really say anything but kept on dancing, with only the backing vocals playing in the back. Knowing what she was doing, she smirked in the way at the camera, proving her point.

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If Aespa were really lip-syncing, Winter’s words would still be playing once she stopped singing. But since they were, in fact singing live, nothing could be heard except for the music and the backing vocals. And this isn’t the first time Winter did something like this. As taking the stage at MBC’s Show Champion on December 31, she did a similar thing. As she stopped singing, nothing (not even the backing vocals) except the music could be heard. The clip of Winter taking the dig and smirking subtly in a knowing way has gone viral on the stan Twitter. And the fans from different fandoms have been praising her for doing what was needed.

aespa winter
The girls of Aespa in their ‘Next Level’ era

Fans’ Reaction To Aespa’s Winter Over Her Taking The Matter In Her Own Hands!!

While a few k-pop stans and netizens refused to believe that the girls were singing live on stage and said that it was all planned. Many have come in support of the idols, praising their vocal skills. A fan thought that SM was actually making them lip-sync again, but look at Winter they were proved wrong and were so happy. Many pointed out to her smirk, saying that Winter skipped her part on purpose. As the anti-fans claim that the girls lip-sync just because they sing so well. She had to prove them wrong. Agreeing that SM idols are inherently good at singing. One fan agreed that they misunderstood Aespa. Thinking that the girl group was lip-syncing when in fact, they were live singing on the stage.

Netizens have also been comparing Winter with her old pictures. Looking back at the journey and how the leader of the girl group has grown up and changed ever since their debut.

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