A Live Action Project for Golden Kamuy Manga Announced

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A Live action Project for Golden Kamuy Manga

Fans of Golden Kamuy have been waiting impatiently for several months as the original manga is currently in its final chapter, with only a few chapters left to go. One of the most popular continuous motion mangas, Golden Kamuy, is set in Japan. With the combination of Japanese history and the story of a legendary cache of gold stolen by Ainu in the cold north of Japan, the story masterfully fuses the atmosphere of the 20th century. 

We follow Sugimoto, a Japanese soldier in the Imperial Army, and Asirpa, a female Ainu, through both the manga and anime series as they search for gold. The live-action adaptation will be challenged to accurately depict Japan and Ainu culture during the early twentieth century.

The Adaptation Of Golden Kamuy Live-Action via Manga Volume 29 has been announced by Shueisha

The April 19, 2022 hardcover volume cover can be seen in Shueisha’s announcement of the Golden Kamuy Volume 29 release. No other information has been released yet. There has also been no news regarding the cast or staff. However, I believe many famous actors and actresses of Ainu descent should be present, especially for the Asirpa.

The original manga author Satoru Noda lists references to the Ainu and the books he uses constantly at the end of each chapter. This gives Golden Kamuy one of its strongest points: her incredible and intricate depiction of Ainu culture. The manga underwent a thorough revision under the supervision of a specialist in Ainu history, Dr. Hiroshi Nakagawa. That being said, it is quite unlikely to do well if it were re-imagined as a live version of Golden Kamuy She doesn’t go to similar lengths to appropriately portray her characters and story.
Japan Alone Distributes Over 19 Million Copies Of The Original Manga

The manga is moving to the finish line in Japan as well, with everyone free to read Golden Kamuy seasons 1 through 311 for April. Meanwhile, the final volume of the series, Golden Kamuy Volume 31, is scheduled to be available in Japan in July 2022. More than 19 million copies of the manga were published in Japan in the last year. On April 19th, the phrase “Golden Kamuy Live-Action” was trending nonstop in Japan. Golden Kamuy’s anime series is already underway, so a live adaptation was only a matter of time. The anime series will get a fourth season in October 2022. Here is the latest clip for the season four trailer.

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