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More Than Friends Cast: The Best Chemistry You Will See

More Than Friends kdrama is another great kdrama with friends to lovers trope. It is also one of the few kdramas where the female lead chases the male lead. Furthermore, the More Than Friends cast consisted of fresh faces that the audience loved to see. The screenwriter of More Than Friends kdrama is Jo Seung Hee, who is well known for his work in Golden Tower.

The director of More Than Friends is Choi Sung Bum, who has also directed popular kdramas such as My ID is Gangnam Beauty, Orange Marmalade, and Jungle Fish. More Than Friends consists of a total of sixteen mind-blowing episodes. The series will undoubtedly put you in your feels. The plot of the kdrama follows Kyung Woo Yeon. She is smart, beautiful, and determined. So determined that she pursues her one-sided love for almost seven years.

However, Kyung Woo Yeon finds her heart broken no matter what. Until one day, Joon Soo comes and offers her to test him out. And as soon as she thinks that she is over, Lee Soo comes in and suddenly confesses. The More Than Friends cast has delivered brilliant performances. So without further ado, let us find out who were the actors in the More Than Friends cast.

Get To Know The More Than Friends Cast:

Ong Seong Wu

The beautiful Ong Seung Wu was a part of the More Than Friends cast. Many of you may know him from his Produce 101 days, where he placed fifth after which he became a member of Wanna One. Ong Seong Wu signed as an actor with Fantagio Entertainment in 2021. The actor is best known for his performances in Moment at eighteen andΒ  Would You Like A Cup Of Coffee?

More Than Friends cast

Ong seong wu

Shin Ye Eun

The ever-glowing Shin Ye Eun played the role of Kyung Woo Yeon in More Than Friends kdrama. Furthermore, Shin Ye Eun is managed by JYP Entertainment. The actress also received the Best New Actress Award for her role in ‘Meow, the secret Boy. She is best known for her performances in He Is Psychometric and A-Teen.

More Than Friends kdrama cast

Shin Ye Eun cr: Singles

Kim Dong Jun

Kim Dong Jun, the all-rounder, was also a part of the More Than Friends cast. For those of you who do not know, Kim Dong Jun was bandmates with Park Hyung Sik when he was a part of ZE: A. He is best known for his performances in Chief Of Staff, Joseon Exorcist, and Still Loving You.

Kim Dong Jun

Choi Chan Ho

The up-and-coming actor Choi Chan Ho played a lead role in More Than Friends kdrama. He is known for playing supporting characters in popular kdramas such as Strangers from Hell.

More Than Friends cast

Choi Chan Ho

Baek Soo Min

The very beautiful Baek Soo Min also played a lead role in More Than Friends cast. The actress is still new and has not been seen in many kdramas or movies. Baek Soo Min played a supporting character in My ID is Gangnam Beauty and in the 2016 movie Drailed.

More Than Friends cast

Baek Soo Min

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