Individual Circumstances Episodes 7 & 8: Release Date, Preview & Spoilers

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Episode 5
Individual Circumstances

It is confrontation and confession time! Individual Circumstances episodes 7 & 8 are all set to release. The Korean BL drama which shows a love-hate relationship between two ex-best friends, Woo Jae, and Yeon Woo is about to conclude. Last two episodes left, the audience is hooked to see how the story of Woo Jae and Yeon Woo ends. For those who are following the drama, let’s have a recap of episodes 5 & 6, before the release of the latest episodes. 

In the previous two episodes which were released last week on February 02, 2023, we see Yeon Woo continues to be persistent in helping out Woo Jae in finishing his work and convincing him to work with him. After a lot of consideration,Woo Jae, finally, agrees to work with Yeon Woo on his film. While offering to help finish Woo Jae’s novel, Yeon Woo says that he understands Hyojae, the character in Woo Jae’s story. he says that Hyojae is afraid to say anything because if he does, everything will be over between Miso and him. 

Despite Woo Jae’s ignorance towards him, Yeon Woo keeps accompanying him – holding an umbrella for him under the sun; making him coffee; helping him to water the plants, cleaning the garden and washing his car – so that Woo Jae can concentrate on his writing. Woo Jae keeps trying hard to avoid him, but the love he has for Yeon Woo makes him soft from time to time. 

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Individual Circumstances Episodes 5 & 6 Recap

Yeon Woo convinces Woo Jae to accompany him to a place. Although not ready to go initially, Woo Jae couldn’t keep rejecting him after seeing Yeon Woo’s earnest face. They drive to a place near a lake where Yeon Woo reveals that he had buried his mother there and that it is his mother’s death anniversary. They talk about Yeon woo’s mother’s illness and Yeon Woo’s selfishness about his fear of being left alone overpowered his realization of his mother’s pain.

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In the evening, Woo Jae offers Yeon Woo to drink with him and reminisce about their past. When Yeon Woo gets drunk, he blurts out in frustration about how he has been putting up with Woo Jae even after being misbehaved by him. In reply, Woo Jae says that Yeon Woo never cares about other’s will and only cares about himself. Yeon Woo asks whether Woo Jae ever missed him and whether they would have ever cross paths if it hadn’t for Yeon Woo. Woo Jae shuts him down by telling him that they need to put a stop between them.

Episode 6
Individual Circumstances Recap

Meanwhile. in the flashbacks, we see Yeon Woo losing the hoody which Woo Jae gifted him. On being asked about the whereabouts of the hoody, Yeon Woo lies to Woo Jae that it is in the laundry, which hurts Woo Jae. 

Enraged and frustrated, Yeon Woo gives up and leaves Woo Jae’s house. He agrees to do the explicit film that his producer offered before. On the other side, Woo Jae continues to write his story in which Hyojae and Miso have a confrontation as to why Hyojae never asked her anything. This scene is shown by intercutting with the actual conversation between Yeon Woo and Woo Jae where Yeon Woo says that he is afraid to say anything as it might be the end of everything. This gives clarity to the audience that Hyojae and Miso’s characters are inspired by Woo Jae’s life. 

Episode 6
Individual Circumstances Recap

In the interim, Yeon Woo gets to know that Woo Jae has uploaded a new chapter of her novel even though he is on hiatus. Yeon Woo reads it and goes to find Woo Jae at his house. On reaching his place, Yeon Woo finds out that Woo Jae’s door lock code is Yeon Woo’s birth date and his laptop password is the date of their first meeting. Yeon Woo starts realizing something when Woo Jae enters the house and is shocked to see Yeon Woo. 

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Individual Circumstances Episodes 7 & 8 Release Date

Individual Circumstances Episodes 7 & 8 will be released on February 9, 2023.

Individual Circumstances: How to Watch

Individual Circumstances will release on iQIYI and Rakuten Viki at 12 PM KST. It is time to clarify unanswered questions and confess feelings. Past memories are about to come to light along with hidden feelings. The international airing times are as follows:

  • Indian Standard Time: 8:30 AM
  • British Standard Time: 4:00 AM
  • Eastern Standard Time: 10:00 PM
  • Australian Standard Time: 01:00 PM
  • Japan Standard Time: 12:00 PM.

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