Who Is Jon Lovett’s Partner? The Crooked Media Founder Ended His Long-Time Relationship

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Who Is Jon Lovett's Partner
Jon Lovett (CC: Youtube)

Want to know who Jon Lovett’s partner is? This speculation became more prominent after the Crooked Media founder publicly announced his breakup with his long-time partner. We will get into that later on. What’s more concerning today is Jon’s current relationship status. Has he found someone new? Before that, let’s briefly discuss how prominent Jon Lovett is. 

Starting from the basics, Jonathan Ira Lovett is not the only one who owns Crooked Media. Then? Well, this progressive political media company is also founded by Tommy Vietor and Jon Favreau, respectively. Hailing from Woodbury, Jon is now 40 years old, as he was born on 17 August 1982. Do you know Jon is also a comedian? He can make people laugh out loud, irrespective of the situation.

Being his fan, don’t you listen to his two popular podcasts- Pod Save America and Lovett or Leave It? Besides this, Jon has also served as the political speechwriter for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. In addition to this, he even worked as the executive producer of the sitcom 1600 Penn, which showcased the dysfunctional family of the White House. It aired on NBC. 

Coming back to Jon Lovett’s personal life, he was previously romantically linked to Ronan Farrow. In case you don’t know, the latter one is a journalist. Their long-time relationship ended just like that, but it seemed to have happened for good. Now, the question is- what is Jon Lovett up to? Has he moved on? Well, he should. In case you are looking for Jon Lovett’s partner, here is what we know. 

Who Is Jon Lovett's Partner
Jon Lovett and his former partner, Ronan Farrow (CC: Youtube)

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Jon Lovett’s Partner After Breaking Up With Ronan Farrow 

Talking about his love interest, Jon Lovett’s partner is no one. Yes, it’s confirmed. After parting ways with Ronan Farrow, he has remained single and is the same at present. Knowing this, you must be wondering the reason behind their break up. Right? Well, it’s unknown. 

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Jon Lovett’s partner seems to be his work at the moment. However, the comedian has been vocal about keeping his doors open. What does that mean? In a recent episode that aired this month only, Jon Lovett mentioned that even though he is single now, he is exploring different dating applications.

It’s fun, yes! It’s not known if he has gotten someone already. Hopefully not! But Jon is more likely to get into a romantic relationship with someone soon. Knowing this, his ex-partner, Ronan, hasn’t commented anything. 

Finding love from dating applications isn’t something new or surprising. People have been doing it for the last few years, and it he becomes quite prominent. Similarly, we are hopeful that Jon Lovett will find his soulmate real soon. It’s always good to know someone before getting serious.

Who Is Jon Lovett's Partner
Jon Lovett: The Crooked Media Co-Owner (CC: The Guardian)

Looking at the comedian, it feels like he is now up for casual dates. He didn’t take much time to move on from his previous relationship with Ronan. Still, the news broke many hearts globally. Nobody expected them to call off their engagement after so many years of togetherness. 

Jon Lovett’s partner, being his work, seems to make a lot of sense. Why? That’s because he is seen working pretty hard, more than before. Delivering his best appears to have been his ultimate goal at this moment. Well, there is nothing to be upset about. You just need to accept that Jon Lovett and Ronan Farrow weren’t made for each other, and that’s okay. Both of them are consenting adults. 

Best Wishes to Jon Lovett! Make sure you follow this Crooked Media co-founder on his Instagram account for more updates. Everything happens for a good reason. We are hopeful that Jon will find his soulmate right by exploring dating apps pretty soon. 

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