Who Is Ari Fournier? Everything About the Riverdale Star

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Who is Ari Fournier
Ari Fournier

Who is Ari Fournier? Cole Sprouse gained huge fame and success after starring in the hit teen drama series Riverdale. Apart from his successful career, the actor’s personal life grabbed huge media limelight after his reported split with co-star Lili Reinhart. The actor later admitted that he felt rather forced to address the breakup because of the public currency it generated over the years.

However, Cole Sprouse has since moved on with someone new and has kept the relationship away from the media limelight. Cole revealed that his new relationship did get a lot of hate as followers have been reporting everything about him and his girlfriend as bullying, and as a result, it eventually gets taken down. Who is Cole Sprouse’s love interest? Let us find out who Ari Fournier is.

Who Is Ari Fournier?

Ari Fournier is a professional model who is signed under the banner of Premier Model Management. Ari has worked with several renowned brands, the likes of Aldo, La Perla, ASOS, Nasty Gal, and others.

While talking about her career as a model, Ari Fournier has stated how people sometimes do not realize that it is not as glamorous as it looks like at times, and rather it takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to make it work in the industry. 

Who is Ari Fournier
Who is Ari Fournier?

She also loves traveling and once recalled how she went to China for her first modeling trip and described it as intense. Fournier is also an animal lover, as she announced last year about her new furry travel buddy that is her Pomeranian puppy Bear. Ari also has her own YouTube channel that has garnered over 3,000 followers.

In one of her popular videos from her Youtube channel, Ari revealed that she grew up riding horses out in the countryside and how it was just simply that had Horses, dogs, cats, and a simple childhood. The model admitted that she is simply grateful for that now because she now lives such an intense life and is rather happy to that have such a good and grounded upbringing.

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Who Is Ari Fournier Dating?

Ari Fournier is dating Cole Sprouse. The two have been dating for two years now. While it is known that Cole has a passion for photography as well, Ari has also posed for her beau as the Riverdale actor once shared pictures of Fournier where she is seen modeling for Sprouse on a beautiful vacation trip to a winery in Napa, California. Some of the others shots are playful.

The model has received some backlash and hate from fans who were not quite on board with her relationship with Cole. The Riverdale actor later revealed how he and Fournier had received a lot of online hate from fans who were seemingly still upset about his breakup with co-star Reinhart. However, it seems like the couple seems unbothered by it all as they are getting stronger with time. 

Who is Ari Fournier
Ari Fournier and Cole Sprouse

Ari Fournier And Cole Sprouse: Here’s What We Know

Ari Fournier has been a supportive partner to her beau as she was present at the premiere of HBO romantic comedy Moonshot, as the two were all smiles while posing for the camera. She also took to social media to cheer for Cole Sprouse while sharing a picture of the two on the red carpet. The couple was later joined by Sprouse’s twin brother Dylan Sprouse and his girlfriend, Barbara Palvin.

In the newest podcast session, Cole Sprouse admitted that the current relationship he is in had woken him up to what real compatibility and trust look like in a way that he had never had before. The Riverdale star further explained how he never experienced this level of compatibility, and it has made him look back on his youth while revealing how inspired him to get sober, which has been great for him.

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