Why Did Vanessa Taylor Leave Chicago Med?

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why vanessa taylor left chicago med
Asjha Cooper as Vanessa Taylor in Chicago Med

The third part of Wolf Entertainment’s Chicago franchise is the American medical drama television series Chicago Med. The fictional Gaffney Chicago Medical Center emergency department doctors and nurses are the focus of the NBC television series Chicago Med, which first aired on that network on November 17, 2015. It is currently in its 8th season of running which premiered on September 21, 2022. Chicago Med premieres new episodes every Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.

It is not news to see beloved characters leave shows associated with one Chicago. In the 8th season of Chicago Med, we have already seen the exit of Guy Lockard, who played Dr. Dylan Scott, Sarah Rafferty, who played Dr. Pamela Blake, and Brian Tee who played Dr. Ethan Choi. One of the latest exists was of a fan favorite Venessa Taylor who entered the show in its 6th season and left the show in the middle of the 8th season.

Venessa is portrayed by the actor Asjha Cooper. Between 2021 and 2022, she made appearances in 29 episodes of the show. She enters the show in the 6th season as a first-year medical student. By the start of season 7, she upgrades to a resident at the Gaffney Chicago Medical Center, the reason for which is unknown. She is Grant Young and Maggie Campbell’s biological child.

Why did Vanessa Taylor leave Chicago Med?

The conflict between Vanessa and Maggie increased throughout Episode 6 of season 8 as a result of Maggie learning that Vanessa had illegally obtained medications for a patient. This ultimately led to a confrontation between the two, where Maggie expressed her disbelief in Vanessa’s choices and demanded an explanation. Maggie was displeased, but Vanessa stuck by her choice, reasoning that she was just trying to do her job and that if the patient legally had access to these medications, then she would not have had to resort to breaking the law.

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why vanessa left chicago med
Maggie and Vanessa in Chicago Med

Vanessa is leaving Chicago Med because she has decided to move to the Philippines to take advantage of the chance to assist others elsewhere. After two years of making an impact as an ER Doctor in Chicago, Vanessa decided that her experience and skills could be best utilized in the Philippines

She said she was a good doctor and resourceful during her time at the Gaffney Chicago Medical Center, and she wants to continue having those qualities even in the future. Vanessa revealed later in the episode that she would be departing to accept a job in the Philippines. Vanessa explained that she was looking for a fresh start and that the opportunity in the Philippines was a chance to re-establish her career goals.

As she explained to her mother, this opportunity will enable her to become the kind of doctor she wants to be and pursue the career she loves. It was her “calling,” she claimed.

Although Vanessa will be departing Gaffney Chicago Medical Center, her legacy and influence will continue to exist. The writers acknowledged and explained Vanessa’s departure, and the characters will likely make references to her in future episodes.

What’s next in Chicago Med?

The exits in the show are getting more and more frequent. Vanessa’s exit from Chicago med came as a shock to most audience members. Most people did not expect Vanessa to leave the show mid-season. Marlyne Barett, who plays nurse Maggie Lockwood posted a goodbye tweet on Twitter wishing her luck and saying she will miss her.

The reason behind Asjha Cooper’s departure is uncertain whether it was a personal reason or was it simply the end of the contract for her. Although Marlyne’s tweet could suggest something bigger is awaiting her, there has been no information regarding her upcoming projects anywhere, neither has Asjha herself posted anything on her social media. Many fans are speculating whether she will be returning to Chicago Med as Vanessa or not. As she’s not dying in the show, there’s always a chance she’ll come back.

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The latest exit in the show was of Dr. Ethan Choi, played by Brian Tee, following his marriage to April Sexton. Additionally, Jack Dayton became a more significant character on Chicago Med when he disclosed greater financial stakes in Gaffney Chicago Medical Center in the show’s winter finale. Since the return of Season 8 in 2023, Chicago Med has added another new doctor named Dr. Grace Song, who is portrayed by T.V. Caprio.

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