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Real Reason Why All Overwatch 2 Characters Are Locked

Overwatch 2
Reason Behind Overwatch 2 All Characters got Locked.

2016 hit team-based hero shooter Overwatch is back in Overwatch 2, a free-to-play sequel developed by Blizzard Entertainment. It’s confusingly not really a sequel because it’s just a large update that brings in a tonne of new content and modernizes the game with features like a new user interface and rebalanced heroes. It also implies that Overwatch 1, which has been completely replaced, is forcing current Overwatch 1 players to switch to Overwatch 2, while new players can only play this version of the game.

Overwatch 2’s gameplay maintains its basic objective-focused modes while making a change by using 5v5 instead of 6v6 battles. Teams will only have one tank in addition to the customary two damage heroes and support when roles are locked. Along with the introduction of Push, a new mode where teams compete for control of a robot that must move into enemy territory in order to score points, new maps for the game’s existing modes is also on the way. At some point in 2023, co-op PvE missions will also launch, advancing the plot and providing players with a fresh way to play Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2’s addition of Sojourn, Junker Queen, and Kiriko marks the end of the Overwatch Hero drought that began in 2019. With each new season, more heroes will enter the fray, but you’ll need to purchase new Battle Passes to unlock them. All heroes may anticipate receiving a tonne of additional cosmetics, including skins and charms.

Overwatch 2 Characters

Overwatch 2 Characters

Why are “Overwatch 2” main characters locked up?

The requirement to unlock heroes as you advance through the game is a crucial component of the First Time User Experience (FTUE) in Overwatch 2. While new players to the Overwatch universe will find that journey helpful, those of us who have been playing the game for a while will find it less so.

Due to a widespread issue, existing players who have been playing Overwatch 2 since its release on October 4 are given this experience without the ability to unlock new heroes. Due to this glitch, there are only 13 “starting heroes” offered to new users in the FTUE. There are occasionally 16 characters, including more recent heroes, that can be purchased, such as Junker Queen, Kiriko, and Sojourn.

Although the game may still be completely played, it is quite upsetting for veteran players to discover that their favorite heroes have been locked for no apparent reason. There is still no definitive patch for this bug, which is still widespread at the time of publication. On Oct. 10, a lot of gamers reported logging in and seeing the majority of the Overwatch 2 roster locked behind the FTUE experience, which caused reports to soar.

While there isn’t an immediate solution, there is something you ought to do before entering competitive mode.

How to Resolve Overwatch 2’s Locked Heroes Issue for Existing Players

It has been said that the most common solution to this problem is to exit the game and then re-enter it. However, if this still doesn’t work for you, visit Blizzard support and open a problem. The investigation and issue-checking will be done for you by the development team. Don’t forget to enter all the information needed by the team. Additionally, make sure your accounts have been merged for the item transfer to happen.

Overwatch 2

Solution For “Overwatch 2” Locked Characters.

Therefore, there is nothing we, as players, can do until the developers release a remedy. However, you can be sure that the player data has not been erased. For the most recent information on the game, you can follow the official Twitter account.

How To Determine Whether Overwatch 2 Heroes Are Locked

View the Hero Gallery first before joining the queue for competitive mode or even a grueling game of quick play with your buddies. If you are currently experiencing the FTUE problem, all heroes other than the thirteen “starting heroes” will have a lock next to their photo on the right side. Look to them first if you need heroes for competitive modes, like D.Va, Sombra, and Ana. If these locks are displayed, then you have a problem that is stopping you from choosing certain heroes.

There are currently no clear solutions available. Apparently, logging out of Overwatch 2 and restarting the game might occasionally resolve the problem. While switching regions has been reported to work as a patch, Overwatch 2 developers will be the only ones to actually address the FTUE bug. Look for updates and announcements on Twitter and the Blizzard forums.

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