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The Real Housewives of Miami Season 5 Episode 16 Review: The End Of The Best ROHM Season?

The real housewives of Miami Season 5
The real housewives of Miami Season 5 Credits: Peacock

The Real Housewives of Miami is an American TV reality show that revolves around the life of married women (some are unmarried) and shows us how their lives are. The show, which was renewed for a fifth season following the success of the fourth season and overwhelming demand from fans of the show, is still on the air. 

Episode 16 of season five aired on March 2, 2023. The season saw the return of the same cast that helmed season four of the show, which is not exactly common for The Real Housewives of Miami. The show is produced by Andy Cohen, Matt Anderson, Cooper Green, and Mate Green.

What is the Show The Real Housewives of Miami About?

The Real Housewives of Miami actually developed as the seventh installment of the Real Housewives franchise. The show was initially aired on Bravo, but in 2021 peacock started airing the show. This show portrays the personal as well as professional lives of several women who live in Miami, which is why it got Miami in its name. 

The Real Housewives of Miami S5

The Real Housewives of Miami S5 Credits: Peacock

The first season of the show premiered on February 2011. The latest season of the show started premiering on December 2022. The show was on hiatus for a long time; this made everything better and more thrilling for ardent fans of the show.

The Real Housewives of MiamiS5

The Real Housewives of MiamiS5 Credits: Peacock

Recap and Review of the Show of Season Five

Season five of the show features Guerdy Abraira, Alexia Nepola, Lisa Hochstein, Julia Lemigova, Nicole Martin, and Larsa Pippen, who we are familiar with from season four. Alexia Echevarria-Nepola, Marysol Patton, Larsa Pippin, and Adriana de Moura, the OG members of the show, can also be seen in this season. 

The show is for people who love drama, half of which is probably fake, but they say it is true, so let us go with that narrative. And whether you will enjoy this show or not solely depend on you. Do you love drama, then go for it because fans of the show are praising the show for its drama-filled episodes. 

The Lisa and Lenny divorce can be considered the eye or focus point of the show. Lisa and Lenny divorced after thirteen years of marriage. But that is not the only drama that is going to entertain you this season. There is the friendship between the cast you can look forward to, the deep bond they form with each other. 

The Real Housewives of Miami S5

The Real Housewives of Miami S5 Credits: Peacock

Episode 16 of the show, titled The melting pot Meltdown, begins with Lisa having an argument with her ex-mother-in-law, aka Lenny’s mom. The argument is kinda silly, it is a fact that her ex-husband is not a nice person, but she shouldn’t be forcing her mother-in-law to pick between one of them.

The other person is her son, so it is not okay to put her in such a situation, despite the beef you have with her son. As mentioned earlier, Lisa and Lenny got divorced after thirteen years of marriage, so it is slightly understandable that she wants her mother-in-law to be on her side.

The divorce of Lenny and Lisa was announced in May 2022 after a facedown between Lisa, Lenny, and his new girlfriend. Season five showed the tension and their fallout and how much the divorce affected Lisa. I don’t think she expected it.

Her divorce from Lenny had one positive side for Lisa. She reunited with her long-time friend Larsa, who had a sort of quarrel at the beginning of the season. The mental breakdowns Lenny had when she realized some things that Lenny did, especially his kicking out his mother and kids to spend time with his new girlfriend. All this will have you rooting for Lisa to have a happy ending.

And while we wished for this, we soon got the news that Lisa had a new boyfriend. She revealed the news of her dating this great guy, as she referred him, on March 1, 2023. There was speculation about her dating as she was spotted with him, Jody Glidden, in various places.

Let me tell you. This makes you feel really good. After all the drama with her divorce, it sure felt like rain in the desert. But, the show is not limited to the divorce drama. There are wholesome moments between the ladies alone, but there is some tension and fighting too. Alexia apologizes for her racially insensitive remarks towards Juliana; this was something that pissed me off. You don’t sell racial discrimination.

She had also accused Adriana of dating a married man on purpose. The Alexia, Adriana, and Juliana showdown is also highlighted in the fifth season of the show. We see Adriana meeting with Gloria’s husband, who said he would produce a song for her called’ I am not Cheap.’

We also have a Julia and Martina reunion in the season. The both of them went for dinner and had a discussion about their relationship. In case you forgot, there were times when the two of them did not really see eye to eye.

The sweet couple had to go through hard times, as they even had to read Martina’s Cancer Diagnosis at the end of Episode sixteen, which was heartbreaking for the viewers too. Maybe this genuineness is what attracts the viewers to the show. I mean, come on, they will not fake all of this for a better rating or viewership.

The Real Housewives of Miami S5

The Real Housewives of Miami S5 Credits: Peacock

Audience and Critics’ Reaction

According to some audiences, The Real Housewives of Miami is the best installment of The Real Housewives series. The cast is rich with real drama, and as the cherry on top, real friendships. An audience member also remarks how there is no racism, despite the racially ignorant remarks made by Alexia which she apologizes for because most of the cast are of Cuban ethnicity. 

Viewers are also excited about the romance between Larsa and Marcus Jordan (Michael Jordan’s son). Some even remark she will have to give up on only fans if things go the right way. In short, fans of the show really enjoyed this season of The Real Housewives of Miami. Some even referred to it as the best season of the program.

Even some who are not ardent fans of the show enjoyed watching the show as many dramas unfolded. Critics are also very satisfied with this season of The Real Housewives of Miami. Michael Arceneaux, for huff puff, said that the Peacock gave the housewives fans authenticity and escapism, which the fans of ROHM love. 

Will There Be Another Season?

Well, whether or not there will be another season or not, is a topic of speculation. As of now, Peacock has not said anything about a new season. But, considering the success of this season, fans of the show are speculating and hoping for a renewal. And only the network can confirm the chances of a new season. Once they confirm the new season, we will soon get updates on the cast. 

Even if there is a season six, all I hope is for the show to stay true to season five and retain its reputation instead of tarnishing it. If they are not going to do that, I think a lot of fans would rather not have another season. 

Our Verdict

The Real Housewives of Miami was entertaining, heartbreaking, and frustrating. It makes us go through an emotional roller coaster but also lets us laugh at certain moments, sometimes because it is funny, but sometimes because we cannot believe what exactly is going on.

Personally, I am not a big fan of reality shows because I believe a lot of them are fake and also because I feel extremely bad that real people’s emotions are being sold.

The show did a very good job of wounding up the conflicts and coming to a resolution. The new beginning, the happy endings, and the reunions were a treat to watch. 

Our Rating: ⭐ (3.5/5).

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