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Jason Aldean Affair: The Truth Of The Country Singer’s Cheating Scandal Revealed!

Jason Aldean Affair: The Truth Of The Country Singer's Cheating Scandal Revealed!
Jason Aldean Affair: The Truth Of The Country Singer's Cheating Scandal Revealed!

Jason Aldean has been contracted to Broken Bow Records since 2005, and throughout that time, he has put out 40 singles and 10 albums. Who are we talking about? You should have guessed already while you have come to read the article. If you are a fan of Jason Aldean, you are in for some juicy news on the recent events in his life that are making it a little hard for supporters to keep supporting this country singer.

So, this article is for those that want to know about what has been happening and also for those that are just fishing for some celebrity gossip. For this huge man, marriage comes after falling in love. Although Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany Aldean’s relationship may have had a bumpy beginning, there are still certain issues that people are concerned about. Media and critics simply can’t get over it yet.

Then, when he finally has had enough and speaks up, every publication picks it up. What else is there to say? Media operates in that manner! He claims that he is not attempting to make headlines. Although, being with someone else at the time and cheating on his wife with Brittany Kerr back in 2012 was definitely headlines-worthy. Who was it, and what is up with the Jason Aldean scandal?

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Who Is Jason Aldean?

During his career, Aldean has been nominated for five Grammy Awards, two times for Best Country Album. It is the great American singer of country music, Jason Aldean. In addition to spending the summers with his father in Florida’s Homestead, he was reared by his mom in Macon.

Jason Aldean Affair: The Truth Of The Country Singer's Cheating Scandal Revealed!

Jason Aldean and Jessica Ussery

Jason had always spent his days practicing the guitar while his father was at work. After hearing a song just a few times, he was soon able to play it. Young Aldean’s parents supported him as he developed musically. He performed at the Macon VFW hall with the assistance of his mother and subsequently started giving performances at neighborhood talent shows and festivals.

Aldean created the screen title Aldean by respelling one of his names, Aldine, in a bid to stand out. Aldean started composing and recording new tracks with Justin Weaver. He played songs from his debut album in 1998 during a showcase put on by The Buckboard nightclub in Atlanta. Aldean received a recording deal offer, but alas, it was later withdrawn.

After signing with a different company, he was once more let go in 2000 because his label kept delaying his recording sessions. Then, over a month later, he received a contract offer from Nashville’s Broken Bow Records. With ticket sales, exclusive products, and VIP meet & greets, he has now generated close to $4 million for cancer research, the majority of which he has given to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

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Jason Aldean Affair: What Is The Truth Of The Country Singer’s Cheating Scandal?

After the country singer and his current wife were seen making out at a pub in Los Angeles in September 2012 while he was still wedded to his first bride Jessica Ussery, dating allegations about the couple began to circulate. Brittany Kerr, an American Idol contender, was spotted Jason kissing her at a Hollywood club.

Jason Aldean Affair: The Truth Of The Country Singer's Cheating Scandal Revealed!

Brittany Kerr

Aldean expressed regret for his transgression and made an effort to patch things up with his wife, with whom he had been married for 12 years at the time, and with Kendyl and Keeley–the children. Jason wed Jessica Ussery in 2001, and the couple remained together until Ussery sought separation in 2013 due to what insiders believe to be irreconcilable problems brought on by the adultery scandal.

Several fans were upset when Kerr controversially joined the singer at the 2014 CMT Accolades in Nashville. Aldean defended his friendship with his ex-lover (now wife) on Instagram. Three months later, when the pair announced their engagement, they faced criticism again.

Aldean acknowledged to Billboard that the unfavorable reviews still get to him. So what else can you anticipate if he strayed from his wife of 12 years for a younger girl? Brittany claimed that she wants everyone to know the same level of love.

This made fans wonder about her intentions even more. But, those who are interested in their favorite performers’ personal life are nonetheless upset about Jason Aldean’s affair.

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