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House of the Dragon Episode 4 Preview Breakdown and Spoilers

House of the Dragon Episode 4 Preview has now been released and thus, we decided to break down the information regarding the same. Previously in the third episode, we have seen how Otto Hightower is persistent to make sure his grandchild sits on the Iron Thron after Viserys. Although, he is unable to do a thing because the King has not changed his heir just yet.

At the climax of the episodes, we also saw Viserys talking to Rhaenyra about how she will always be the heir to the Iron Throne and not just a mere woman to marry around in order to get great allies. After all, Rhaenyra is the true blood of the dragon and a Targaryen woman. She also has a great dragon beside her which can toast anyone off who tries to take the throne away from her or threatens her existence.

Also, we see that Daemon had a huge fight at the Stepstones in an attempt to prove himself. He tries to decline the help being sent by The Crown because he never wanted his brother’s help. He manages to slaughter the Crabfeeder and takes the charge of The Triarchy yet again with the help of Lord Corlys and his son. Rhaenyra, despite being an heir, has to marry. Although, Viserys has now given her a chance to choose a suitable match for herself. Coming back to the future of this majestic show, let us discuss everything that a preview for the fourth episode has revealed for us.

House of the Dragon Episode 4 Trailer Breakdown and Spoilers

A still of Princess Rhaenys and Lord Corlys from House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon Episode 4 Preview Breakdown

As the clip for the House of the Dragon Episode 4 preview starts, we see Princess Rhaenyra looking into the fire with a glowing knife in her hand. She narrates that a prince who has been promised is set to come from her blood. The prophecy claims that his will be the song of Ice and Fire. It is obvious that the next episode will also take us gliding through time. We see clips of Queen Allicent Hightower and Prince Daemon.

There might be some emergency starting with the new episodes as King Viserys puts the crown on his head and claims that the House Targaryen will stand as one for the further generations as well. A street performer is having a play about the lives of the Targaryens and asks his audience about who will the heir to the Iron Throne be. He asks whether it will be the brother of the King, that is Daemon. Here, we see a clip of Daemon walking in and announcing how he has been named the King of the Narrow Sea by his subjects.

What Is The Rumor In House of the Dragon Episode 4?

The voiceover then shifts to the performer once again as he asks whether the heir will be the daughter. We see a clip of Rhaenyra talking to her father, The King, claiming that he just wants to marry her off so that she can be a remedy for his political headache. To this, The King exclaims that Rhaenyra already is his political headache. The street performer narrates yet again and asks whether the little Prince Argon who has just turned three years will be the heir to the Iron Throne. To this, we see a clip of Allicent trying to shush her child.

Now the preview takes a completely different turn after a short blackout. It starts with The Hand, Ser Otto Hightower as he announces very discomforting news. Later, we see Princess Rhaenyra saying that a vile accusation has been put upon her. Then the King inquires about whoever has started the gossip in King’s Landing and he is going to take their eyes out of their skulls. We then see Allicent narrating that Rhaenyra is not a deceitful person. She is talking to her husband, the King, and says that the same cannot be said about his brother, Daemon. This is why we can see a huge battle taking place which might be cold as well, but will happen nevertheless in the next episode.

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