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House of the Dragon Episode 4 Release Date: Preview & Streaming Guide

House of the Dragon Episode 4 release date is now up the roster, and fans are truly excited for the same. In this week’s episode of the show, we saw time moving fast, and Viserys has already married Allicent. The two have a son named Aegon together. Another baby is on the way as she is pregnant. On the other hand, the battle at the Stepstones is still high.

Lord Corlys and Prince Daemon are stationed at the Triarchy in order to secure their place and defeat Craghas Drahar in battle. Their biggest problem is the fact that Dragon can not go inside the caves, and thus, Dragon fire is no use here. If their army goes inside the caves which the opponent is fighting, they will be killed in a second.

As for the people in King’s Landing, they are all celebrating the second birthday of Aegon. This means that it has been three years since the King’s marriage. Rhaenyra, in particular, is feeling quite left out of the group, given that all the attention is being given to the firstborn son of the king. Also, we see that Allicent and Rhaenyra both have fallen out of their friendship since she married the King. When they reach the camp set up for the group, the King thinks of marrying his daughter. He sends Lord Jadon Lannister to woo Rhaenyra, but she is obviously not interested in him.

House of the Dragon Episode 4 Release Date and Preview

A still of Prince Daemon from House of the Dragon Episode 4

House of the Dragon Episode 3 Recap

This further rips the gap open between their relationship as the Princess and heir to the Iron Throne goes away on a horse and stays the whole night out. As for Sir Otto Hightower, he is planning to secure the hold of his house in the realm by suggesting that Rhaenyra should marry Aegon, the boy who has just turned two, while she is 17 years in age. Viserys obviously get so overwhelmed by all of this and try to drink it down. He kills a stag in the forest even though the hunting party was set out to kill a white one. Rhaenyra spends the night in the forest and returns to his father the next day.

The Triarchy is in chaos, and the Crown decides to send help. Although, Daemon is not so happy about it because he wants to accomplish this on his own and maintain his pride. Thus, he puts himself as bait and goes over to the Crabfeeder’s cave. They soon start attacking him, thinking that he has come to establish peace. A war breaks out, and the Crabfeeder is killed and split in half by Darmon and his dragon with the support of Laenor Velaryon, the son of Lord Corlys.

As for Rhaenyra, she finally lets it all out in front of her father, all of her feelings. The Princess reveals that she does not wish to marry, and even if she did, it would be someone whom she likes. King Viserys agrees to the same and asks her to find a suitable match for herself but not marrying is not an option. Well, coming back to the future of the series, here is what it has in store for us.

House of the Dragon Episode 4 Release Date

House of the Dragon Episode 4 release date is on the 11th of September 2022. The episode is titled King of the Narrow Sea. The entry shall be broadcast on HBO at 9 PM as per Eastern Time on HBO as well as HBO Max. You can mark your calendars for new episodes releasing every Sunday.

How to Watch House of the Dragon Episode 4?

House of the Dragon Episode 4 can be watched easily when it is broadcast on HBO. Later, you can also stream it from HBO Max. The episode will also be available to have a live streaming option on HBO Max at the date and time we have mentioned above. The platform costs 8.99 dollars a month for its basic subscription plan with commercials. I suggest you buy the 14.99 dollar version in order to get rid of those ads and watch in peace. Fans from India can stream the episodes live from Disney Plus Hotstar.

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