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When Does Luffy Become A Yonko?

When Does Luffy Become A Yonko? Answered!

Last Updated on November 23, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

The ultimate goal of our main character is to become the King of Pirates. The King of Pirates is not only a title rather it is a symbol of being a free man in the twisted world. The World Government which was the void country to fight against the Ancient Kingdom as we learned very recently in the new chapters of One Piece, is doing everything in its power for the masses to not learn about the history of the world.

That is easier said than done. Walking exactly opposite of the world government we have Pirates in the world of One Piece who are opposing the systems and protocols laid by the world government and doing their best to get the treasure of One Piece. One Piece is supposed to have everything the world of One Piece has to offer. 

As mentioned by the former and the only King of Pirates, Gol D Roger, who had achieved the title by getting to the last island Raftel after exploring the adventurous grand line. Getting to the last Island is also easier said than done as none other than the King of Pirates and his crew has ever done that.

Just like the world government has systems and hierarchies in the base, the pirates have formed a hierarchy as well and among the top Pirates who have alliances and are considered very strong are known as the Emperor or Yanko. It is obvious that before reaching the heights of the King of Pirates, Luffy will have to first become an Emperor or Yanko and make name for himself, and very recently he did. So, we will be posting how and when Luffy became an emperor.

Luffy has yet to be announced as the Yonko in the anime, so naturally, this post will contain spoilers from the manga. Now that you have been warned, let’s dive into it.

When Does Luffy Become A Yonko?

The first original Yonkos that were introduced in the series were given to four characters and there have been no new Emperors emerge unless the previous one was out of the picture. The four original Yonko were named Whitebeard, Shanks, Kaido, and Big Mom.

Blackbeard replaced Whitebeard in the title after killing the latter during the Marine Ford events. With two devil fruits in his possession, getting crew members from the impel down, and fighting the remains of the Whitebeard pirates made Blackbeard the Yanko.

However, as for Luffy, he was already given the title of the “fifth Emperor” after the events of the Dressrosa and gained more than 5000 followers under his command. But it was only recently that Luffy was announced as one of the Emperors.

Naturally, he too was dubbed as the Emperor after he defeated Kaido and replaced him in for the title. During the raid of Onigashima, we saw Luffy fight Kaido three times. The first two times resulted in his defeat however, Luffy woke up as a new character and a transformation that shook the world and also highlighted what kind of warrior Sun God Nika is.

After the defeat of Kaido, Wano country was once again festive, and after a time skip of one week in One Piece Chapter 1053 titled “The New Emperors,” Luffy was announced as one of the Emperors of the world. In the chapter, we learned that Kid brought the newspaper provided by the government which had the new faces of emperors replacing Big Mom and Kaido.


Four Emperors Color Spread!

Luffy was dubbed as the Emperor because to the eyes of the government it seemed that he initiated the attack on the former Emperor with Pirates like Law and Kid under his command. The one replacing the Big Mom was a funny surprise as he is Buggy the Clown making the world government think that he has pirates like Dracula Mihawk and Crocodile under his command in the new organization opposing the world government known as Cross Guild.

As for fans wanting to know when will Luffy become the Yanko in the anime, we can only assume at this point. According to my simple assumption considering one episode per chapter, we might see the news of Luffy becoming the Yonko in the One Piece Episodes 1070s or later episodes.

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