Andrew He’s Partner: The Jeopardy! Masters Contestant’s Love Interest Became Prominent After The Arrival Of Their Baby Boy

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Who Is Andrew He's Partner
Andrew He (CC: YouTube)

Who is Andrew He’s partner? Yes, we are talking about the Jeopardy! Masters contestant who is currently making headlines for announcing the arrival of the baby boy while the tournament was on. Wow! That’s great! Well, this eventually called for the discussion of who Andrew’s love interest is. Who is the star seeing at present? Before getting into that, let’s briefly discuss how prominent Andrew He is. 

Starting from the basics, Andrew He is professionally a software developer hailing from San Francisco, California. When it comes to his popularity, he gained it after winning Jeopardy! Games not just once but five times. Last year, he made it to the runner-up position at the ToC. Still, Andrew is believed to have made a huge difference in the special event. 

Concerning his involvement with Jeopardy!, Andrew He made his debut with the show last year. Successfully, he defeated Dane Reighard. Now, he is back for Master! Wow! His prize money winnings have been great. In other words, Andrew He’s total accumulation from the show is reported to have been $259,365. Isn’t that huge? 

Coming back to Andrew He’s personal life, the Jeopardy! Star is young enough. To be more exact, he is just 26 years old. Knowing that his fans have been lately impatient about his marital status. Besides that, he also got blessed with a baby boy now. So, it’s very much obvious for his fellow fans to speculate about his relationship. If you are looking for Andrew He’s partner, here is what we know. 

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Meet Andrew He’s Partner: Who Is She? 

Talking about his love interest, Andrew He’s partner is a woman called Sarah. Who is she? Nothing more about her is known. That’s, except for the fact both are very much in love. Yes, Andrew, His partner, Sarah, seems to be a very loving person. 

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Who Is Andrew He's Partner
Andrew He: Jeopardy! Masters Contestant (CC: The US Sun)

As the news of the arrival of the baby boy came out, Andrew He couldn’t stop himself from revealing the name of his partner too. Wow! That’s nice. Yes, Sarah, it is. The Jeopardy! star shouted and dedicated the game to his wife. He shared how much he loved her and thanked her for being there, always. Andrew also mentioned that without Sarah, he wouldn’t reach this much success. In brief, out of happiness and joy, the newly become dad has fully praised, appreciated, and credited his love interest. On the other hand, Andrew also thanked the entire crew of the show. He said, “Thanks to just everyone in the world, I guess, but especially the ‘Jeopardy!’ crew.” 

To date, Andrew He has appeared very much private. In another way, we may say that the Jeopardy! The contestant prefers to keep the details of his love life low-key. Well, this has been very much evident too. The couple has named their newborn son Everett. How much do you like the name? 

As the news of Andrew He recently becoming father came out to the public, Sarah’s identity became the headline. That’s quite obvious. Keeping that aside, the love birds have been poured with so much love, blessing, and support from their fans. If you haven’t, then take some time out to congratulate them! 

What about Andrew He’s marital status? Well, the Jeopardy! Star has not officially announced his marriage. However, fans are convinced that he is already hitched to the love of his life, Sarah. Well, it’s nothing surprising and is very much possible. 

Best Wishes to Andrew He for the upcoming days of his life. Even though he is young enough, we are sure he is a great father. Not only that, but also a great life partner to be with. We would like to know more about Andrew He’s partner, Sarah, hoping the former would reveal more details someday! You may give Andrew a following on his social media account for more updates. Sending loads of love to little Everett. 

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