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Stunna Girl Net Worth

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Credits: Flaunt Magazine, Genius, Office Magazine

Stunna Girl was born on 2 July 1998 in Sacramento, California. Suzanne Sade Brown is her full name. Her profession is that of a rapper, musician, and YouTuber.

Stunna Girl is a California-based American rapper and social media influencer. She rose to stardom after her 2019 TikTok song “Runway” went viral. It triggered the viral #RunwayChallenge, in which fans recorded themselves to the popular song.

Capitol Records has since signed Stunna Girl for discography. It includes the album YKWTFGO (2019), as well as the songs “Real Rap,” “On the Record,” and “Let It Drip.” She’s worked with artists such as BandGang, Lonnie Bands, Lil Twist, Blaatina, and others.

She confesses to obtaining her first mugshot when she was 11 years old. She was kept in a CYA youth detention institution from the age of 14 until the age of 17. Stunna Girl has always enjoyed music, but she didn’t begin rapping professionally until she was in her late teens.

Early Life

Stunna Girl is her parents’ adoring daughter, yet her life is far from idyllic. She had to go through a lot alongside her parents and siblings in order to have a better childhood. According to the media, she was a small kid when her mother was imprisoned for almost two years. 

Still Smoke, Stunna Girl

Credits: Still Smoke Music Video by Vevo

In the seventh grade, she was dismissed from the classroom. She then attended charter schools for a week in eighth grade and only a week in ninth grade before dropping out. While in prison, she obtained her GED, graduated from high school, and enrolled in a few community colleges.

A Bright Career Through The Woods  

Stunna claimed that her parents, particularly her father, helped her break into the music industry. Suzanne revealed that she used to hum and sing a lot of tunes at home. Her father brought her to his impromptu home studio at the age of eight and taught her how to record. She fell head over heels for music that day and promised to become a rapper in the future.

At the age of 12, she started rapping and improving her vocal tone and rhymes. Nonetheless, she began her professional career in 2018 with the release of the music video ‘Real Rap’ on YouTube in January 2018. 

Medley Films directed it, and it has been seen over 850K times. “Let It Drip” was the title of Stunna Girl’s next viral video. It was posted on the TF Circle Entertainment YouTube channel in June 2018. The music video for “Let It Drip” was released in December 2017. Laudiano was in charge of the production.

Stunna Girl has uploaded dozens of videos on TF Circle in addition to Let It Drip. I Got The Clout, and That Part is among them. She’s also appeared in a few collaboration videos, including “I Don’t Want” (with Shay Gooph and Mo Money), “No Hook” (with VVS Beezy), and “Blat” (with Bangg3).

The non-album single “On the Record” by Stunna Girl was released in June 2018. Tap Out was released in August 2018. She later appears on the Philthy Rich album Fake Love’s bonus track “Crack Your Pumps” (2018)

Runway song Viral on TikTok

The song “Runway” got popular on TikTok months later. That generated millions of short videos, each with its own distinctive spin. Loren Gray, Nikita Dragon, and Jacob Sartorius are among the top users who have shared the track.

Stunna Giri confessed that she knew nothing about TikTok until her song became viral. Her sister apparently notified her that the song was going viral on the platform.

Runway eventually got to the top 5 on Spotify‘s us chart. Viral 50 Stunna Girl made an appearance on the tune “Danger” from BandGang Lonnie Band’s album KOD in May 2019.

That month, she was released. “No Hook” featuring VVS Beezy. In 2019, she released “187 Freestyle” and “No Confrontation Freestyle.” In August 2019, Stunna Girl agreed to a recording contract with Capitol Records.

Stunna Girl’s Net worth

Stunna Girl’s net worth is believed to be $1 million as of 2023. She earns $250,000 per year through music purchases, streaming royalties, and live performances. She also makes money via sponsored posts, working with businesses, and other social media partnerships.

Stunna Girl

Credits: Stunna Girl by Ashley Uzer

This is primarily due to her great music career and expanding social media presence. She also earns money through a number of means, including rapping, singing, modeling, and marketing.

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