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Deliverance Filming Locations: Where Was The 1972 Movie Filmed?

Deliverance Filming Location
Deliverance 1972

Directed and produced by John Boorman, the 1972 USA-based psychological drama Deliverance stars Burt Reynolds, Ned Beatty, Jon Voight, plus Ronny Cox, with Ned and Ronny getting their major picture premieres. James Dickey turned his 1970 book with the same title into a script. 5 Golden Globe Awards votes and 3 Academy Finalists were received for the ticket sales and huge acclaim for the movie.

The picture, which has received a lot of praise and is considered a milestone, is famous for a music sequence that has a city man performing “Dueling Banjos” upon that musical instrument with a farm lad who is strumming a banjo. Deliverance was chosen by the Congress’s Library of Congress in 2008 for inclusion in the US National Movie Archive.

Ed Gentry, Drew Ballinger, Bobby Trippe, and Lewis Medlock are four entrepreneurs from Atlanta who resolve to canoe across a creek in the wilds of northwestern Georgia before it is destroyed. The group is led by Lewis, a seasoned adventurer; Ed, a good buddy, has gone on multiple outings but without Lewis’ virility; Drew and Bobby are newbies.

The men treat the villagers with contempt as they go to their landing location because they are underwhelmed by the “city lads.” Additionally, the movie is infamous for its graphic portrayal of a sodomous assault in which the subject is made to screech like a sow by his assailant. The movie is notorious for the studio’s attempt to destroy it by slashing costs and making the performers do their action sequences.

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Deliverance Film Plot?

The twin canoes of the four companions are split up as they paddle in couples. A duo of mountainous guys, with one holding a shotgun while the other is lacking two frontal teeth, emerges from the forest, and Bobby and Ed come upon them.

After arguing verbally, the guys coerce Bobby into taking off his clothes, and the unarmed person molests him as Ed is restrained to a stump and threatened with a gun by the other man. Lewis creeps up and shoots the rapist just before Ed is going to be violated.

The last mountain guy runs into the forest as Ed collects the rifle. After a quick but heated argument involving Drew and Lewis, Bobby and Ed decide to support Lewis’s proposal to conceal the corpse and carry on as normal.

The four paddlers hit a treacherous section of rapids as they proceed downstream. In the front boat, Ed and Drew arrive at the waves as Drew raises his head and plunges into the waters. They bring Lewis to the clinic when they eventually arrive in the little hamlet of Entry.

The guys meticulously craft a cover tale about Drew’s passing for the police, misrepresenting to Deputy Bullard regarding their experience to avoid being accused of double homicide. The guys are warned not to repeat this behavior and never to return the sheriff, who doesn’t accept them but lacks the proof to place them under custody. The three make a promise to keep their tale of life and demise a mystery until death.

Deliverance Filming Locations:

The Rabun District in northern Georgia served as the primary shooting location for Deliverance. The canoe scenes took place in the Tallulah Gorge, which is south of Clayton, and along the Chattooga Shoreline. This river divides northeast Georgia from the northernmost portion of South Carolina. In Salem City, South Carolina State, more scenes were shot. In addition, a scene was shot in the Mount Carmel Christian Church cemetery.

The spot where Pickens and Oconee, two South Carolina counties, used to be divided is now 130 feet below Lake Jocassee. The construction of the Jocassee Dam is taking place outside of Salem, South Carolina. The Coosawattee Riverbed, which was impounded in the 1970s and included multiple hazardous tumbling rapids, served as the model for the Cahulawassee Body of water.

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Tallulah Gorge, USA

Tallulah Gorge’s breathtaking scenery, cascades, and natural splendor are in amazement to everyone. Among the most magnificent canyons in the eastern part of the United States, Tallulah Gorge is two miles long, approximately 1,000 feet underground, and stunning. The canyon’s bed requires a permit, but tourists can ascend the rim trails for different viewpoints instead.

As it hangs over the rugged terrain, an 80-foot-high viaduct provides breathtaking vistas of the stream and falls. The masts Karl Wallenda constructed are still visible, and trapeze artists have traversed the gorge repeatedly. While pedestrians and bicyclists may walk across a concrete trail that parallels an old railroad track, motorcyclists can test their skills on a challenging 10-mile track.


Deliverance Filming Location

Tallulah Gorge, USA

Salem, North Carolina, USA

In the Piedmont portion of North Carolina, Winston-Salem serves as the regional capital, border crossing, and municipality. It is a part of the Piedmont Triangle metro region along with High Point as well as Greensboro. People here call Winston-Salem, often known as Winston, a community that is growing yet nevertheless holds on to its Southern heritage.

The town has a global vibe whilst having typically Southern hospitality. The metropolitan region showcases its variety through a wide range of celebrations and cultures. You may eat wherever, and they’ll serve you anything from authentic North Carolina barbeque to Indian stews and Greek sweets.

Deliverance Filming Location

Salem, North Carolina, USA (1970s)

Coosawattee River, USA

The 49-mile-long Coosawattee Creek is a body of water in the northwest part of Georgia in the USA. The Cartecay and Ellijay streams meet at the hamlet of Ellijay, in the heart of Gilmer District, and this is where the river is said to have its origin.

James Dickey, who must have reworked Dickey’s screenplay, arrived at the set of the boat scene drunk and got into a heated dispute with filmmaker John Boorman. The river is a branch of the Oostanaula Creek and travels westward and through slopes of the North Georgia highlands.

Deliverance Filming Location

Coosawattee River, USA

Details On How To Stream Deliverance Online:

HBO Max, Prime, Vudu, WarnerBros, or a VPN may all be accessed through a membership if you have one. Soon, more streaming services ought to make the film available. Regularly check out our website to find out more about the newest subjects.

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