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The Best Demon Kings In Anime – Ranked

Staz Charlie Blood

The conception of the Demon King is an idea that is found through religions across the world, but we all know that animism has a natural capacity to deconstruct ideas and present them in new and fresh ways. These Demon Kings could include benevolent gamers, dead beat demon fathers, death, and destruction predictors. Whatever they want to do in their spare time, we can all accept that we have been in anime with some very cool and fascinating Demon Kings. Ready your magic circles.

1. Sirzechs Lucifer


Sirzechs Lucifer formerly known as Sirzechs Gremory was the Satan Lucifer.

Youdou Issei is a perverted high school student who wishes that he will be a Harem King one day, but reality starts to be different. However, when a beautiful girl named Yuuma asks him to do it, things start to look up. But as life slowly comes out of Issei he is rescued by his beautiful senior, scarlet-hairy Rias Gremory, a demon of the top class who revives him as a demo. Yuuma is sadly fallen and murders him at the end of his first date. Issei must now contend with his new demonic strength and live in the cruel realm of Angels and Demos as part of the Gremory household of demons. The demon- world appoints high-ranking pure-blooded demons to lead the world of the demon with aristocracy being a major subject. Lord Satan is nothing but Sirzechs Lucifer the older brother of Rias Gremory. This demonstrates the reach of the Gremory Household as one of the three remaining pure demon families. Sirzechs, Sirzechs, While he appears highly diplomatic, he cares intensely for his younger wife and her sisters, even enabling the wedding of Raiser Phoenix to collate Issei, Koneko, Akeno, and Yuuto.

2. Demon King Piccolo


Piccolo one of the best characters from Dragon Ball

According to the legend, the seven golden orbs throughout the world, known as the dragon balls, allow the collector to call the eternal dragon, known as Shenron, who can fulfill any wish. Young Bulma Brief’s quest for dragon balls takes her to Mount Paozu and meets the 12-year old Goku Son, an exceptionally powerful and unfamiliar monkey-dressed kid. But he refuses to give it up so that Bulma brokers reach an agreement: He will be able to join her in her quest when she finally collects all seven if she can use the Dragon Ball. This is how their legendary quest started to gather orbs. Piccolo has been said to be stronger than Super Saiyan Goku and to have been able to take Super Saiyan 2 Gohan at one point, but his strength does not develop as quickly as the Saiyans, and thus, despite constant training, we, unfortunately, have to bring Piccolo a little further down the list. He might be the strongest Namekian in life, a Super Namekian by all means, he might even be a favorite fan character, but his strength does not exceed.

3. Sadao Maou


The Diamond Lord Satan attempts to conquer everything in the world of Ente Isla, and hits fear everywhere into the hearts of men. Well, at least before the hero Emilia places him and his demon army on the back of a heavy attack. With his conquest plans broken, his only choice is to retreat through an interdimensional portal in modern Tokyo. In a magic world and forced to assume a human identity-Maou Sadao’s-the Lord is made powerless alongside his loyal Alsiel. As a human being, Sadao has to hit its ends by working in a nearby fast-food restaurant, MgRonald’s. Taking in the simple lives of an ordinary human being, Sadao’s desire to conquer Ente Isla falls on the side of the road as he points to another goal: to work on a company’s ladder and ultimately rule the world. In addition, he loses his frightening mentality to be an honest, hard-working, and polite worker.

4. Staz Charlie Blood


Staz Charlie Blood

Staz Charlie Blood is a vampire that controls the whole Eastern Demon World District. Staz is just an Otaku, fascinated with Japanese culture because of his status as a demon lord, and some rumors report that Staz is a bloodthirsty, weak dictator. One day, Yanagi Fuyumi from Japan walks accidentally to a portal that leads to the devil world, where she meets Staz, but sadly she is a victim of a Staz attack that makes her wandering fantasy. Staz has vowed to revive Fuyumi because he has always wanted to do anything to give him the chance to fly in the human world. Enhanced by the prospects of human civilization for himself, Staz journeys with Fuyumi to discover a magic that can bring people back to life. Staz is an odd star-he is a vampire who has a large part of the demon sector and is completely fascinated with everything Japanese, just like some people we meet.

5. Beelzebub III


Beelzebub III from Beelzebub

The notorious Ishiyama High is a school renowned for its widespread violence and lawlessness. The first-year student, Oga Tatsumi, stands out in this sea of criminals; the wickedest criminal of all. One day, Oga met a big man floating down the river when he was regularly knocking a group of other offenders by the bank. When Oga saves him from the river, he divides the man in half and a sweet babysitter comes out of the man. It turns out that this kid is nothing else, except the future Demon Lord Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV! The demonic maid, Hildegard, appears, and with her, Oga seeks to lift the future Lord of the demonic world, in an even more fascinating way. While the show is primarily about Beelzebub IV, the future Demon Lord, you must never forget Baby Beel’s Daddy, Beelzebub III. Unlike conventional imagery by the Demon King, Beelzebub III is a wacky fun-loving slacker, who lays down everything to his faithful helpers and departs with random activities, mostly women. His lack of real consideration for his own children is reflected in how he entrusts every strong human being with the well-being of his youngest son. “Unconcerned father in deadbeat” is the best way to characterize Beelzebub III.

6. Rikuo Nura


Rikuo Nura

Nura Rikuo is a boy who wants to only live a regular life, but he’s a quarter of a youkai for him the blood flowing in his vein that binds him with the demonic world. To make matters worse, Rikuo is determined by his grandfather Nurarihyon as chief of the Nura Clan. For the most part, Rikuo can keep his supernatural life secret from his mates, but Rikuo must decide to take his youkai side and ultimately lead the clan with enemy youkai groups aimed at both his Youkai and his human friends. Because of the blood of Yukai, Rikuo is able to take two forms: his normal human shape and his yakai shape, which he can only give at night. Rikuo appears in his shape, with long fluid, white and black hair and a shift in attitude. Despite wanting to be relieved of his duties at the beginning as head of the Nura Clan, Rikuo is gradually accepting the position and evolving in accordance with it, noting that he can protect both people and youkai equally.

8. Akuto Sai


Akuto Sai from Demon King Daimao

When he registers at the Constant Magic School, the life of Akuto Sai is forever changed when he sees that he will be the next demon king. His status as a future demon King makes him hot property among all girls in his school, despit his reservations about his new situation. Will the young Demon King Akuto graduated from Constant Magic Academy with every girl to deceive him while resisting all tentation? At first glance, this demon king is the least appropriate for the role. Why does this happen? Well to start, Akuto grew up in a church and wants to graduate and become a high priest from Constant Magic Academy. Yes, as he grows up, a demon king wants to be a priest! After Yota Garasu foresaw that Akuto would become a demons king when he received his graduates, the people wary of Akuto and the news puts an emphasis on his priesthood plans especially because of the prediction of Yota Garasu was never mistaken. Nevertheless, Akuto is the kind of person who is always doing the right thing and is aspiring to join the upper echelon of the magicians in the country in a way contrary to his obvious destiny. Anybody else is advised to abandon it all and to wage war on the demon lord? Does it not?

9. Maou from Maoyuu Maou Yuusha


Maou from Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

A hero, unhappy with the slow invasion of humanity by the Demon Realm, leaves his companions in a world broken by a 15-year war between humans and demons to travel on towards Castle of the Demon Queen and meets the magnificent Demos. In a curious turn, the Demon Queen is searching for Hero’s support to end the war and bring the southern nations and the rest of the world peace and prosperity. Realizing they share a common purpose, Hero works together with his now-former adversary to join the human sphere to launch their search for peace and prosperity all over the world. Well, a demon’s queen is at the top of our list of kings; with a name corresponding to her title. In line with our theme of demonic royalty, a heroine with very noble motives and beauty has been handed over to boot. Maou has seen the advantages of the war on humanity and she wants to work with people to end the war. Often the king of demons is just the king of demons since they are not just evil but a king of demons. Appear!

10. Momonga from Overlord


Momonga from Overlord

When Servers of Yggdrasil start shutting down in the popular online virtual reality game, Momonga, a powerful sorcerer, decides to look out for her final moments. However, if he hits at midnight and expects to log out a shocked Momonga discovers he can not log out and make things even more interesting, it seems that the non-player characters in the game have formed their own personalities. Momonga takes the role of what used to be his avatar and his loyal servants to get an understanding of his new setting, and he tries to find any player caught in Yggdrasil’s present-day universe. Momonga is in many respects the common impression of what a demon Lord would look like In broad dark robes he is a massive skeleton. Aside from the appearances, the server shut down is Momonga, with World Objects and Super Tier magic, the most powerful being in Yggdrasil, able to annihilate any opponent. His power is unbelievable as he journeys through Yggdrasil’s world looking for other townspeople. Momonga takes on the new Yggdrasil, expanding its name far and wide with his band of extremely strong, extremely loyal underlings.

11. Inuyasha



Inuyasha was more adolescent heart trouble than bloodthirsty demon for many anime fans who grew up in the early 2000s. But there are evil fangs behind this sweet smile that are ready to sink into anyone who dares to stand against Kagome or his mistress. Inuyasha, weaving his heavy, demonic blades Tessaiga, can easily and actively fight against other demons. He’s also skilled with superhuman strength and senses with his more primitive, demonic powers, showing enemies what ‘Inu,’ on his behalf, means with his hound-like cramps. He continuously reveals why he’s one of the most notorious animals in the animal, with the additional benefits that he can weapons his blood and transform into a full-fledged devil.

12. Rin Okumura


Rin Okumura from Blue Exorcist

Once upon a time, Rin Okumura was just an average secondary student before his father’s death proved he was absolutely wrong. Rin is Satan’s literal spawn, raised in a world where priests use weapons. Children are taught how to hunt demons in Catholic schools. However, Rin is not really pursuing the family business since he dedicates his life enough to the death of his adoptive dad. For this reason, he uses his Satan Blue Flames as one of his primary attack modes, controlling his fire easily and burning enemies while keeping friends unharmed. With his blade Kurikara, a sword that can both have the strength and can slash them, this capability is further strengthened.

13. Raizen


Raizen from Yu Yu Hakusho

In the Shounen Anime, Yu Yu Hakusho describes everything to love. It’s story-telling, epic battles, lots of tournaments, and many power movements. While its heroes become stronger, it reveals that somewhere in the underworld, there are still a stronger beast. However, no one overcame the liking of the oldest stronger demon king, Raizen who portrays, albeit with a more notorious degree, the same balance between anger and sincerity as Yusuke. If he did not eat human beings with cold turkey, Raizen would not only be on the stage of his peers.

14. Sebastian Michaelis


Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler

Sebastian Michaelis is a butler who has a gritty smile and can get some stains from the tapestry. Crumbs. – Crumbs. Wine. Wine. His enemy’s blood. All. Something. He is a faithful, tactile, and mighty beast who has the greatest grace to withstand earthly enemies. But if the situation ever calls for it and his lord was at great risk, Sebastian takes away his whole demonic shape and breaks away everyone who ever went off the screen.

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