Hell’s Kitchen Season 21 Cast: Where Are They Now?

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Hell's Kitchen Season 21 Cast: Where Are They Now?
A still from Hell's Kitchen Season 21 - (Credits: FOX)

Hell’s Kitchen Season 21 was brutal, but then again, one of the seasons, which Gordon Ramsay actually makes, is not. He tests a chef to their core but also garnishes it with many insults.

The 21st season of the show came out back in 2022 when we saw the title Battle of the Ages. Fox Network had commissioned the series for their channel.

In total, 18 contestants took part. The age difference was evident as we saw half of these 18 contestants in their 20s and the other half in their 40s. Coming to the goal of the season, the winner would be awarded 250,000 dollars in cash and offered a job as the Head Chef at the Hell’s Kitchen in Atlantic City.

The installment saw Gordon Ramsay being the judge that he always is. Then we saw Marino Monferrato being the Maitre d’. As for the teams, Christina Wilson was the sous chef for the red team, while Jay Santos was the sous chef for the blue team.

But now that the installment is long over, fans are curious to know more about the personal lives of the contestants and where they might be now.

Abe Sanchez

He is an Executive Chef from Crosby in Texas and was on the 40s team. Well, he was eliminated from the show after episode 10, where he was seen shorting in service, which was not okay for Gordon. After the show, Abe has been running a healthy meal prep company.

Alex Belew

Alex had a restaurant in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and rocked the show on the 40s team. Alex won season 21 of Hell’s Kitchen after we saw a showdown between him and the other finalists.

After finishing the series, Alex is now an owner of A Hospitality business. He also runs a podcast about cooking as well as cocktails and community.

Hell's Kitchen Season 21 Cast: Where Are They Now?
Alex Belew from Hell’s Kitchen Season 21 – (Credits: FOX)


Billy Trusdoe

He was from Melbourne, Florida, and worked as a Head Chef. He was on the 40s team. Gordon was quick to eliminate him in the 6th episode after he repeatedly served undercooked scallops. After his debut on the show, Billy works as a Private chef at B.Tru’s Mad Flava.

Alejandro Najar

He used to be an Executive Chef in Ohio before. Alejandro was on the 20s team. He was sent home from the show after his dishes did not meet the expectation and continuously scored lower than Dafine and Alex. After the show, he joined the UnHitched Brewing Co. in Louisville.

Alyssa Osinga

She is the executive chef from Chicago and was on the 20s team. She was eliminated early in the season for making collard greens. After the series, she became an executive chef again at Althea Restaurant. She is also a brand ambassador for HexClad as well as Osmo Salt.

Hell's Kitchen Season 21 Cast: Where Are They Now?
Alyssa Osinga for HexClad – (Credits: Hexclad’s YouTube Channel)

Brett Binninger Schwartz

He is from Ohio and worked as an executive chef. Brett was placed in the 20s team. He did not perform well on the series and was eliminated early by Gordon because he was struggling with all of his courses and miscounted the plates while serving the food. After the series, Brett works as an executive chef.

Cheyenne Nichols

She was a sous chef from Louisville, Kentucky, and was placed in the 20s team. Well, things got dramatic with her when she was eliminated by Gordon for causing a fire in her station and serving raw lobster.

After the series, she works as a Private Chef at Finest Cravings. She is also a brand ambassador of Osmo Salt and HexClad.

Define Mejia

She was an executive chef in LA and was listed on the 20s team. Dafine did impress the judges who made up the finalist team. Although she did not win, she surely was a runner-up and did good for herself.

After the series ended, Dafine became a Private Chef. She has had a lot of celebrity clients as well and served folks like Drake and others.

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