Sonic Prime Episode 9 Release Date And Spoilers: Shadow And Sonic Once Again

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Sonic Prime Episode 9
CC: Sonic Prime By Netflix

Sonic Prime Episode 9 is in high demand after the Sonic Prime series dropped on Netflix, and for good reasons. Sonic has always been one of the characters that were known for their aloof yet straightforward nature. The show takes a jab at it and shows us the grim sides of the sonic verse. Sonic might be a mascot that many kids love, but he is not that great of a friend. However, he helped his friends with many challenges and came closer to them. As a result, he stopped being grateful for it after some time. And this universe-shattering event is what he needed to get in touch with his friends and connect with them again.

Sonic confronts many different variants of his friends and foes while also reflecting on his action. The whole shattering of the universe could have been avoided if he had listened to his nemesis, Shadow, the hedgehog. But the lack of communication between the two led the situation to get worse among them making Sonic do the unthinkable. We then see Shadow playing a pivotal role from the sidelines and taking a different approach than the team.

In the new universe, Sonic is getting to know his friends once more but this time with a huge altercation without him in the equation. It happens multiple times, and in some of them he even gets tricked by people that look like his friends, but he has learned his lessons. Though, it comes to a depressing end as the first season reaches its conclusion.

Sonic Prime Episode 9
CC: Sonic Prime By Netflix

Sonic Prime Episode 9 Spoilers

Sonic Prime Episode 9 will resume with the fight between Sonic and Shadow exchanging blows. Shadow has always been a cool-headed character, but this time even he can’t contain his hostility toward Sonic. The actions caused by Sonic at the beginning of the show made their universe erased from existence, and the two have no place to go back to.

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Before Sonic can even recover from the shock of his actions or even reflect on them, he has to calm down Shadow. While Shadow and Sonic are nemeses the two are the only ones left in their world. And the two must combine forces to look for a solution or the two will end up destroying the new worlds.

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What is the release date for Sonic Prime Episode 9?

Sonic Prime Episode 9 will come out along with season 2 of the series. All the episodes of season 2 will release on the same day for all the regions. The series is scheduled to have a total of 24 episodes.

Sonic Prime Episode 9
CC: Sonic Prime By Netflix

Where to Watch Sonic Prime Episode 9?

Sonic Prime Episode 9 will be back with season 2 of the series. For the time being, you can watch season 1 of Sonic Prime (Episodes 1 through 8) on Netflix. Along with many Movies, TV shows, and Anime.

What is Sonic Prime about?

Sonic and Dr. Eggman are going on a battle against with fate of the world in their hands. In the process of saving the world, Sonic accidentally destroys the device which ends up shattering the universe and separating him from his friends. However, this is where we see the dark side of Sonic as he travels to Shatterspaces (this world’s version of a multiverse), we learn what a prick Sonic has been to his friends. Through his new adventures, Sonic understands the value of friendship as he meets a different version of familiar faces.

In the first universe, he encounters he meets Tail alternate version that grew up without Sonic. This tail is filled with vengeance, and he deals with bullies by himself by modifying his tail. Sonic is a little confused at first, but after a little chat with him, he can find a different version of Tails (officially called Nine in this world). And Tails helps Sonic adjust to the new world and attune to the power that lies in the world. But Sonic’s presence has gotten the interest of this world’s Amy Rose who wants to get her hands on the speedster to do experiments. And if this wasn’t enough, there are many more universes that sonic has to visit the Shatterspace.

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