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20 Facts About Stein’s Gate You Should Know

20 Facts About "Stein's Gate" You Should Know

Geeks and Nerds, line up. Probably one of the media franchises around the world that portrayed time travel pretty much accurately. “Stein’s Gate” created by the animation studio White Fox, is the third adaptation of the original story that comes from the 2009 Nitroplus’ visual novel of the same name. The anime aired for 24 episodes in 2011, directed by Hiroshi Hamasaki and Takuya Satō. The writing duties were handled by Jukki Hanada. The series has been hugely applauded for a refreshing take on the very accurate representation of time travel story. Also adding in occasional humor and romance. It’s been constantly considered one of the best sci-fi thrillers in anime history, and we can’t agree more.

The success of anime has resulted in two sequels and making it a big franchise if we count the manga and video novel. With such an intriguing storyline and accurate representation of real times, there are some facts that should be taken a look at when it comes to “Stein’s Gate”. So with no further adieu, here we are taking a look at some of the concrete facts relating to the series throughout its addictive run.

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20. The Nicknames

20 Facts About "Stein's Gate" You Should Know

Let’s start with what many see as just comic relief in the series. The nicknames or the codenames that Okabe has given to each and every member of his team. What not many people could’ve noticed is that, throughout the series, Okabe has never called any of his friends or teammates by their real names. Even he himself likes to be referred to as his self-proclaimed alter ego, mad scientist Hououin Kyouma.

The Nicknames for his friends he has given are just random or based on their characteristics. These include Christina for Kurisu, Shining Finger goes for Moeka Kiryuu just because she can type faster than she can talk, Part-Time Soldier goes for the shop employee Suzuha Amana because he is often violent, and the list goes on. Apart from nicknames, if you observe, the mission names set by Okabe also comes from Norse Mythologies.

19. IBM 5100 Really Exists

20 Facts About "Stein's Gate" You Should Know

The mysterious technology from the past plays a very pivotal role in the whole Anime. This also questions the real-life existence of this device. Well, it really exists. In real life, it’s called with the same name as IBM 5100. The device was built in 1975 by the IBM company but was soon discontinued in 1978.

18. IBM 5100’s Secret Feature

20 Facts About "Stein's Gate" You Should Know

The IBM 5100 was one good old device that helped Okabe and his friends to crack into SERN’s secrets, which weren’t possible with today’s devices. The device from 1975 came with really special features for its time. It included APL and the BASIC programming languages along with three problems solving libraries. The device was indeed a perfect tool for reverse-engineering futuristic machines. Thus, the feature was hidden for along time due to fear of companies lining up for competition and was announced much later for the public.

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17. The Anime takes Social Anxiety Themes

20 Facts About "Stein's Gate" You Should Know

We are often used to see the over-charismatic and determined characters taking the central screen for most of the shows and movies. Even Stein’s Gate’s Okabe seemed like one in the initial episodes, but only if you take a closer look at his persona. Especially his self-proclaimed alter ego, which puts cues in for autism, paranoia, and schizophrenia.

The series took a thriller and much darker turn in the later episodes that explore these topics more vastly. Especially when  Okabe has a breakdown, and you may realize that the mad scientist alters ego Hououin Kyouma is just to cover up his insecurities.

16. Lightning-Fast Knight-Hart

20 Facts About "Stein's Gate" You Should Know

In the very second episode of Stein’s Gate, Daru tells Okabe about a person who is famously nicknamed “Lightning-Fast Knight-Hart” This mention serves as a reference to the character Takumi Nishijou who also comes from a Nitroplus game-turned-anime called “Chaos Head”.Takumi Nishijou uses the name Lightning-Fast Knight-Hart in the MMORPG he plays in the anime. The best part is that both anime comes under the same universe. So, the reference was evident.

15. Parody Of Google

20 Facts About "Stein's Gate" You Should Know

A silly fact which everyone might have noticed. Apart from the IBM 5100 and everything related to technology the anime references to, there is a silly nod to everyone’s favorite search engine too. In episode no. 18, Okabe is on the verge of searching for places he can take someone to date. To find out, he refers to the internet, and we can see a search engine called “Goodle” which clearly resembles our very own Google. From logo designing to colors, it clearly stands out as a parody of the search engine.

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14. May Queen Nyan Nyan Comes From A Real Cafe

20 Facts About "Stein's Gate" You Should Know

The Maid Cafe from the series where Faris and Mayuri worked was the most favorite place of Daru if he ever wants to hangout.  What not many people know is that the place actually exists and is based on a real-life maid cafe called Cafe Mailish. The best part about the anime is that it has beautifully and very accurately portrayed the cafe in the show with all the small details required.

13. Series Explored Akihabara Culture

20 Facts About "Stein's Gate" You Should Know

The series has managed to showcase the city of Akihabara pretty much accurate to what it is. The landmarks and everything have been kept to the point and close to its real-life structures. Another thing the series kept to its core is the exploration of Akihabara Culture especially using the character of Faris. Because of her, we witnessed a variety of attractions the city has to offer, which includes the likes of cosplay conferences, maid-cafes, and Rai-Net board game tournaments.

12. UNIQLO is a real store

20 Facts About "Stein's Gate" You Should Know

In episode no. 18, as mentioned in one of the facts above, Okabe can be seen preparing for a date. Kurisu Makise decides to help Okabe by buying him clothes for him. When she brings him the clothes. She hands him a bag with “UNIQLO” written on it. The name is a reference to a real-life clothing brand that exists and has several stores around the world.

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11. Sequels

20 Facts About "Stein's Gate" You Should Know

Yes, the anime is so popular that its sequels are often overshadowed time and again. After the end of the original anime, “Stein’s Gate: The Movie Load Region of Déjà Vu” came to the screens in 2013. The movie takes place several years after the original event of the anime. The movie was followed by another sequel anime titled “Stein’s Gate 0” which features a range of events in a detailed format that were not seen in the original anime.

10. The Cake Is A Lie!

20 Facts About "Stein's Gate" You Should Know

So, this statement comes from episode 12, where we can see Okabe using it against Suzuha Amane. The statements serve as a clear reference to a video game series comprised of puzzles called Portal, which created by Valve starting in 2007.

9. There Are No Paradoxes

20 Facts About "Stein's Gate" You Should Know

The series indeed is completely detailed enough to take on the time travel phenomenon. Thus, it manages to have absolutely no paradoxes in particular. First of all, it embraces the multiverse theory resulting in checking out the grandfather paradox. Then Okabe’s alter ego Kyouma comes with the time leap intervention where they have avoided characters coming up in different places. As the trick only takes the mind into a time leap instead of bodies, this has often resulted in creating absolutely zero paradoxes.

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8. @Channel Is A Reference to 2Channel

20 Facts About "Stein's Gate" You Should Know

Hello there, if you are a Reddit user. Because that’s where we are with @Channel. 2Channel, which is also referred to as 5Chanel, was a Japanese text board much like our Reddit, which was founded in 1999. Stein Gate’s several mentions about @Channel are clearly references to the real-life 2Channel. If you are not so good at Japanese, you can miss some of the meme references in the shows that originate from the 2Channel itself.

7. Different Philosophies Playing Their Part

20 Facts About "Stein's Gate" You Should Know

With its time travel phenomenon, the series often goes on two different routes, which include predestination, then into sending a character in a loop with a mere illusion of control or a place where he comes to have full control and can do whatever he desires in a single timeline. So, Stein’s Gate comes with an explanation for each of these phenomena. The Attractor Field concept comes up saying that events can’t change as they come under a single timeline. Then an alternate braided rope of timelines comes parallel to these conditions creating completely different timelines because of the changing events.

6. SERN really exists

20 Facts About "Stein's Gate" You Should Know

The evil organization from the series is hell-bent on taking the world with the Time Machine Mechanism. Well, you might know that SERN comes from a real-life organization called CERN, a European Nuclear Research Organization. The organization’s work includes  Proton Synchroton, Antiproton Decelerator, to The Large Hadron Collider that helps the organization to conclude their work on world-leading particle physics experiments.

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5. John Titor Comes From A Real Story

20 Facts About "Stein's Gate" You Should Know

Yes, the story of John Titor comes from some real-life events. In 2000, John Titor was a username of a real person who posted on several bulletin boards that he is a time traveler who came from 2036. John Titor also mentioned his wish to travel back to 1975 to retrieve one of the IBM 5100 and also predicted some future events. None of these predicted events have come true so far.

4. References To Othe Big Anime

20 Facts About "Stein's Gate" You Should Know

Haha, come on, Otakus and Weebs, it’s your cue to point out. Anyway, so, let’s start with Kurisu quoting Light Yagami from the “Death Note” in one of the episodes where she said,” This guy is hopeless, better do something about him quick”. And then, also Kishbi from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures with “But I refuse!” and all of these are nods for the anime fans.

3. The Series Comes From Video Novel

20 Facts About "Stein's Gate" You Should Know

Unlike, most anime, Stein’s Gate was originally an acclaimed video novel that was later adapted into a manga. The anime series is the third adaptation of the original storyline. The series had such a great storyline, the anime was left with completely zero fillers. Even video novels are one of the topics that can be covered for more facts on the storyline due to its rich, accurate take on the time travel story.

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2. For Nerds Only

20 Facts About "Stein's Gate" You Should Know

The series has several times throughout its run has nodded itself for nerds. Let’s count some of these nods, some of which we have already mentioned above. These include the Mikasa Kurisu referring to memes of 2Channel and Okabe shouting “The Cake Is A Lie”. Some other references which only nerds can point out include the time they were naming the time-traveling mails. The characters came up with names like “Back to the Email” and “Delorian-Mail”. All these names served as the reference to the “Back To The Future” franchise.

Okabe’s gadgets also serve as a clue to the gaming and other franchises. Gadget no. 4, the smoke-bomb humidifier, takes its cues from Metal Gear Solid: Rising game, whereas, gadget no. 8, the Cyalume Saber, pretty much looks like the lightsaber from Star Wars.

1. The Series Being Fictional Is A Question Mark

20 Facts About "Stein's Gate" You Should Know

We can’t actually call the series fiction sometimes. Especially when we look a the thorough research the creators have done on this show. The above-mentioned facts are the proof. From the reference of real-life John Titor to SERN’s existence to the use of accurate use of IBM-5100. These are all facts that sum up the show to be a fictional story around real-life events.

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