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Bocchi The Rock! Chapter 36: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

Bocchi the Rock! Episode 11 Release Date Details

Last year, we witnessed a major surge in the graph of the popularity of anime and manga. There can be multiple reasons behind this but we get to see lots of announcements, comebacks, and amazing chapters. Not only this but the community itself grew at an incredible rate and this is the reason, we have to see some of the mainstream titles in various countries where the anime community is not vast.

The year 2023 has fastened its seatbelts and it is ready to present some of the coolest titles in front of us and it seems that the show has already begun. Many series are showing their peak performance and fans are enjoying them so far. One of the manga series, Bocchi The Rock! been getting huge popularity recently and fans are really enjoying the storyline.

Even the characters involved in the series are so amazing and this is the reason for its very high ratings in ongoing series. As of now, 34 chapters are already been released and the 35th one is just around the corner. To make you prepared for the future, we will be talking about chapter 36 of Bocchi The Rock! in this article itself. Make sure to read the article till the end.

Bocchi The Rock! is a Japanese series based on a very beautiful concept of music. The story revolves around a high school girl, Hitori Gotoh who is very fond of playing guitar and wants to join the band of her school anyhow. However, her introverted personality creates a huge barrier for her but one day she met with Nijika Ijichi, a girl who plays drums. The catch is, she was looking for a guitarist and this changed the life of Hitori once and for all. This also initiates the series. If you are craving something beautiful to read then this series is definitely worth trying.

Bocchi The Rock! Chapter 34 & 35 Recap:

As the 35th chapter of the series hasn’t been released yet so we will take a look at the events of the 34th chapter of Bocchi The Rock! and try to analyze the coming chapter. Chapter 34 of Bocchi’s The Rock! was a quite funny and interesting chapter. We get to see so many cool singers in the chapter and so many fun events. We also get to see Kita in the chapter and the preparation for hosting the live concert on the streets has finally started.

Bocchi the Rock! Chapter 34 expectations

Bocchi The Rock![CREDITS: YOUTUBE]

Kita also announced the same for social media handles. The sole purpose of this concert is to find the best one with the singing capabilities. In the 35th chapter, we might get to see the concert itself with even more musical events. Kita san may appear again and play an important role in the final decision. It is to be noted that this is mere speculation and the actual spoilers may differ from the mentioned ones.

Bocchi The Rock! Chapter 36 Release Date:

Bocchi The Rock! chapter 36 can be expected to release around 20 January 2023 for the local as well as the International audience. The 34th chapter of the series released on 6 January 2023 and the 35th one is going to release on 13 January 2023 for fans worldwide. We can’t predict the spoilers of the 36th chapter at this point in time due to no data and information from the creators. It might be really good to enjoy the series without knowing the spoilers as it can spoil the fun and the surprising element of the chapter. We will update you regarding the major update of the series so make sure to stay connected with us.

Bocchi the Rock! Chapter 34 Release Date Details

Bocchi The Rock! [CREDITS: YOUTUBE]

How To Read Bocchi The Rock! Chapter 36?

Bocchi The Rock! chapter 36 can be read on the official website i.e. Comic Fuz. All the previous and the upcoming chapter can also be read from here on an affordable subscription plan. You can also read other popular and entertaining manga from here. However, Comic Fuz may not be available in all regions due to licensing limitations.

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