Miseducation Season 2: All You Need To Know

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miseducation netflix cast
A still from the show. (Credits: Netflix)

“Miseducation” has recently finished its Season 1, and fans are already super excited to know whether they are going to get “Miseducation Season 2.” Fans of Season 1 of “Miseducation” would know that this is a fun show about a young person who is named Mbali. This character wants to be famous on the internet. “Miseducation” is said to have premiered only via Netflix on September 15, 2023.

Fans know how “Miseducation” is actually set in a small university located in South Africa. “Miseducation” aims to talk about the multiple problems many young people usually face, especially when they are on social media. Later in this show, fans get to learn more about Mbali and her ever-changing journey of self-discovery.

Many people, however, are asking if there will be a second season of “Miseducation.” If the fans are curious about what would happen next in this popular teen drama, then they will find everything related to the same here!

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What is the premise of “Miseducation”?

Those who have not yet watched Season 1 of “Miseducation,” must know that it is a show that aims to tell the story of Mbali Hadebe. The role has been played by Buntu Petse. We have seen her in “Generations: The Legacy.”

miseducation netflix
The main cast of the show. (Credits: Netflix)

The show begins by showing Mbali, who is actually doing a live video on Instagram. This sets the mood for what is going to transpire next. She then introduces herself by saying: “Hey, I’m Mbali Hadebe. I would like to tell you about my mom. She is a politician who did something bad, but now she’s famous as a meme.”

So then, because of her mom, named Brenda Hadebe, who is played by Baby Cele. We remember her from “The Last Victims” in 2019. Then we learn how Mbali’s life gets really hard.

Her mom actually becomes a corrupt politician, which, in turn, makes things tough for the main character. So when Mbali gets a chance to attend Grahamstown University located in Makhanda, she actually finds many friends who understand her, and they become really close.

Who stars in “Miseducation”?

“Miseducation” will feature a talented supporting cast that aims to bring depth to this very story. We will see Lunga Shabalala playing Sivu Levine, who is shown to be a local campus rowing champion caught in a complicated relationship.

We will also meet Micaela Tucker, who is portraying Natalie Levine, a very significant character in Mbali’s life journey. Then we meet Prev Reddy, who is embodying Jay Naidoo.

miseducation season 1
A still form the show. (Credits: Netflix)

Naidoo is a character who aims to contribute to Mbali’s path to redemption. Finally, we meet Sechaba Ramphele, who will be taking on the role of Junior.

More about “Miseducation”

According to reports, the directors, namely Catharine Cooke, Themba Mfebe, Mvuzi, and Rangaka have tried to make a fun comedy-drama with some top-notch romance. They feel that it’s very different because it focuses on South African culture, and not really on American teenage life.

So the creator and producer of the show, Rethabile Ramaphakela, said they were really happy to work with Netflix. So, in all, “Miseducation” will be a unique and entertaining ride with a bunch of interesting characters who are trying to deal with life’s challenges.

“Miseducation Season 2: Renewed or canceled”

Many people who have binge-watched the show are wondering whether they will be receiving a Season 2 of “Miseducation” since the first season of “Miseducation” just started. Actually, it is very early to know for sure, as the creators also haven’t said anything about it yet. We can’t be sure if there will be a Season 2 of “Miseducation” yet because the first season just came out.

Netflix hasn’t told us if they’re making another season or when it might come out. But it doesn’t mean it won’t happen. If loads of people are watching it, then they will probably make another season.

When will “Miseducation” Season 2 be released?

We all have to wait a while before the streamer, aka Netflix, says if there’s a “Miseducation” Season 2. As per sources, we think that the show can come in late 2024 or 2025 with Season 2.

How to watch “Miseducation”?

“Miseducation” is currently streaming only via Netflix. All six episodes are already available for streaming for the fans.

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