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Kevin Gate’s Wife: How is the Couple Doing Now?


Who is Kevin Gates’s Wife? The rapper recently landed in the soup after he shared the least known details of his love life on camera. Shockingly, in an interview with Careshwa for his podcast Careshwa Please, Kevin talked about getting intimate with his cousin. The unheard news from the rapper left the fans in shock and surprise. In the promotional trailer of the show, he was seen saying he dated his cousin. The American native who was previously in a rumored relationship with Jojo Zarur is now again getting into the controversies.

Netizens are now shocked by the 54- seconds trailer where the host Careshwa asked him, “Di You really f*** your cousin? “She pulled to the side,” the rapper said before continuing, “baby, that’s your cousin, I ain’t about to stop.” However, it’s not the first time he has been hitting the headlines.

Back in 2015, the musician created fuzz on the internet, saying he was in a relationship with her yet another cousin. In his Instagram post, the singer revealed the detail of his romantic fling with his cousin. He said it was quite late before he came to know that the girl he is dating his cousin. However, he was still with her. Kevin Gates’s wife is also been the talk of the community. People are interested in knowing about her. Let’s delve into the article and find out who is Kevin Gates’s wife.

Who is Kevin Gates’ Wife?

Kevin Gates’ wife is Dreka Gates. The rapper had been his sweetheart for a long in an intimate ceremony. They dated for around twelve years before deciding to start a new chapter of their life together. The rapper was in the same school as the lady. The high school sweetheart started dating each other somewhat in 2003. They then got married in 2015 after being together for a couple of years, knowing and exploring their relationship. However, they were not destined to be together, and they needed their 20 years old romance in March 2022. Their divorce was indeed shocking for the fans.

 Kevin Gates' Wife

Kevin Gate and Dreka

He was later spotted with the Love & Hip Hop star Juju. They were often caught in the cameras catching dinner together or partying around. Rumors were spread like a wildfire that they were dating. Nonetheless, neither of the two expected or rejected it. Kevin is known for his controversial comments and controversies. He had spent the days behind bars. However, following all his ups and down, his wife, Dreka has always been by his side to support him and help him to get through it.

Who is Dreka Gates?

Kevin Gates‘ wife Dreka is a sensational social media influencer and a thriving businesswoman. She is the founder of Dreka Wellness, a fitness brand. Additionally, the social media star is the co-founder of the cannabis brand BE Provisions. Although initially she was known to be the wife of the rapper, now she has earned a name for herself. She even expressed her disappointment in people calling her the wife of Dreka Gates. In an interview with HNHH, Dreka revealed, “I want people to know me as Dreka: this f*** strong woman.” She further added, ” I wanna be known as the person the entrepreneur.”

Kevin Gates's wife

The American Rapper Kevin Gates with His Ex-Wife Dreka Gates

Dreka enjoys 3 million followers on Instagram and is also the co-founder of a record label, Bread Winner’s Association. Her resume screams the popularity and hard work of the star. Dreka was there with her husband throughout his journey. They were together for almost eighteen years. She played a vital role in the success of the rapper. When he was behind bars, she was the one who released his mix tape, “By Any Means.”

Nonetheless, Kevin praised her for her support. Apart from being a devoted wife of Kevin Gates, Dreka is the caring mother of their beautiful kids. However, things are not always meant to be together. For now, Dreka and Kevin are not together.

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