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Vampire Academy Episode 5 Release Date: Rose is On the Top

Vampire Academy Episode 5
Vampire Academy Episode 5

Vampire Academy Episode 5 release date is right around the corner, and this makes fans excited for the same. The show gives us various genres on a hot platter infused with fantasy as well as horror. The plot of the show is taken from the novel series of the same name. These were penned down by Richelle Mead. Julie Plec has worked on the successful creation of the project for Peacock.

The series serves as a reboot of the film that was released back in 2014 of the same name and the second adaptation of the novel series. As for the focus of the show, we see the light on Rose and Lissa in their own life journeys struggling to deal with it all. Rose is born as a guardian and has to fulfill her destiny as a dhampir and a protector.

As for Lissa, she is a Moroi Vampire Princess and has a duty to the people who follow their rule. These teenagers enroll in the St. Vladimir Academy in order to start their vampire careers. This institution is a boarding school that sees various similar vampires who are trying their best to be the perfect version of themselves as well. Coming right back to the story of the show, let us have a quick recap of the recent episodes before talking about the next ones.

Vampire Academy Episode 5 Release Date

A still from Vampire Academy

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Vampire Academy Episode 4 Recap

Back in Vampire Academy Episode 2, we saw that Lissa is highly worried about her secret being disclosed to the people, and they might not see her in the same way ever. Also, Rose knows what she has done and now must face everything that comes next for her. Also, we see that Sonya has finally made a new discovery about herself which shall help her in her life path.

Later in the Vampire Academy Episode 3, titled Death Watch, we saw that The Dominion is at great risk and might even lose it all. Although, Rose does not feel the same and even has her eyes set on a match for her. Christian is the first one to hear about the shocking news going around their world, while Lissa decides that she no longer wants to sit in the shadows and, instead, wants to make a huge move so that people will remember her courage.

Then in Vampire Academy Episode 4, titled Benchmark, new developments were made in the story of Rose both. We saw a big test in front of Rose, which will test her abilities and also determine her path to becoming a Guardian. Victor is in on the new project to improve the Dominion and thus, also offers a space to Lissa to have her thoughts spoken out too. Although, there is a catch that Lissa surely did not see coming at first. Well, this was a recap of the series, and let us thus discuss the future of the same.

Vampire Academy Episode 5 Release Date

Vampire Academy Episode 5 release date is on the 22nd of September 2022. The episode is supposed to drop out on Peacock. New episodes will release every week on Thursdays, and thus, fans can add a tracker for the same.

How to Watch Vampire Academy Episode 5

Vampire Academy Episode 5 can be watched easily by turning into Peacock. You will need to checkout with a paid plan to watch the contents of the series. Generally, the platform offers free streaming, but it has locked content too. These can be unlocked by buying the Peacock Premium plan at 4.99 dollars a month. The higher plan of the series is 9.99 dollars which also gets rid of the ads for you.

Vampire Academy Episode 5 Spoilers

In Vampire Academy Episode 5, we will witness that Rose has finally proven her worth to the entire Vampire Academy at St. Vladimir. She has finally emerged as a leader among her clan. Although, her emergence has come at a great cost, and we will witness her character shaping up around the same. On the other hand, Lissa needs to take charge as well. We will see her getting up and dealing with matters on her own.

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