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Blox Fruits Update 18: Release Date & New Additions Explained

Blox Fruits Update 18 Release Date, And All Update Details Explained
Blox Fruits Characters

Blox Fruits is an anime-inspired game whose main story revolves around Blox Fruits. Blox fruits are just like devil fruits from the anime One Piece, from which this game has taken inspiration. If you have seen One Piece, you would know that Devil Fruits and special kind of fruit.

If a human consumes it, he gains various superhuman abilities. Like in Luffy’s case, he gained the power to stretch his body incredibly. Likewise, the story of the Blox Fruits game revolves around Blox Fruits. Players have to find these fruits in order to enhance their abilities.

One can find Blox Fruits around a tree or near some special locations. Once the server starts, these Blox Fruits start appearing in various locations every 60 minutes. And if none of the players gets the Blox fruit, it will disappear within 20 minutes. That’s the rule of the game. But today, we shall be talking about the release date of Blox Fruits update 18 and shall discuss all the details surrounding its latest update.

Blox Fruits Update 18 Release Date?

The popular One Piece-inspired strategy adventure game Blox Fruits recently announced that soon they would be releasing update 18 of the game. But unfortunately, the creators have not announced any specific date and time for its release.

This has made a lot of Blox Fruits gamers sad, as they had been waiting for this update for a long time now. Although the Blox Fruit team took it to their official discord account to announce that they will be releasing its latest update by 25th December, unfortunately, there has been no further updating given by the team.

And since Blox Fruit is quite infamous for making several delays in their updates, judging by that, we can expect Blox Fruit’s update 18 to release somewhere before 31st December or before the New Year.

Blox Fruits Update 18 Release Date, And All Update Details Explained

Blox Fruits game update

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What Is One Piece Anime? The Anime Which Inspired Blox Fruits

The story of One Piece revolves around Monkey D Luffy, a young pirate who has devil powers. He aspires to walk in the footsteps of Gold D Rogers and find out the secret of One Piece so that he can become the “King Of The Pirates.”

Hence he begins his legendary journey, and along the way, he picks up several powerful crew mates like Zoro & Sanji, who would later go on to become one of the most liked anime characters of all time.

Blox Fruits Update 18 Release Date, And All Update Details Explained

Blox Fruit & One Piece

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What Is Blox Fruits Game?

Blox Fruits game is created by Gamer Robot Inc, a company famous for creating item-collecting adventure theme games. The main aim of every player is to collect these Bloix Fruits, which would then enhance their powers and abilities and would make them stronger players.

Blox Fruits is the perfect fantasy game for every One Piece fan, who just loves the world-building aspect of anime and manga, and want to play and relieve in that world through their game avatars. As we talked about previously, the game mainly revolves around collecting Blox Fruits.

Although one can collect them from a tree, there are also several other ways to collect these fruits. Like you can buy these fruits from a Blox Fruit dealer. You can also get these Blox fruits by taking part in various raids or by killing several enemy pirates.

And just like in the anime One Piece, here, players with Blox Fruits are not safe around water. And if by any chance a player sinks in a sea, he/she will take heavy damage to their HP. It can also be very lethal unless and until you are a member of the Fishman tribe.

And just like in One Piece, here, every Blox Fruit has its own unique superpowers. Some power can give you immense strength. Other fruits give you some unique abilities, like the ability to use fire, wind, sound, etc.

Blox Fruits Update 18 Release Date, And All Update Details Explained

Blox Fruits characters

If a player eats an elemental fruit during the game, his/her avatar won’t be affected by the attacks of the NPC’s who don’t have any particular Blox Fruit power. But if the NPC is using an enhancement, then he can do some damage.

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