The Estate Filming Locations: Where Was The Movie Filmed?

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The Estate Filming Locations: Where Was The Movie Filmed?
The Estate (Credit: Sky Cinema)

Let’s know about The Estate Filming Locations. The Estate is a comedy genre movie that was released on November 4, 2022, and the United States. The filming of the movie begins in February 2022 and ends in March 2022. In this article, we will get to know about where this movie was filmed and what is the film locations for the movie.

The movie was produced by Sky Original Film, and its centers on a dysfunctional family. Dean Craig is the director and also the writer of this dark comedy, and if you have seen the Staircase movie, then you will love to watch Toni Collette and Rosemarie DeWitt come again together in a movie on the screen.

They play the role of Two sisters. Toni Collette and David Duchovny, who starred alongside one another in Connie and Carla, are also reunited in the film. The two sisters, Macey and Savanna, are at the center of the movie The Estate. To inherit her sizable estate and save their failing cafe, they are making an effort to win over their difficult-to-please, terminally ill aunt, who is also dying of cancer.

They want to care what Hilda wants, and for that reason, they try to improve their relationship, which was not so good in the past. But when they reach the home of their aunt, they find out that the other family members also have the same idea, but they are very greedy, and they have come here to take away the house of their aunt.

To entice Hilda into handing them her inheritance, their cousins Beatrice and Richard have arrived with the same scheme. As time goes on, the colorful family competes to see who can win over the matriarch and make the biggest impression.

Some of the early reviews by the critics considered that the movie was humorous and had many funny scenes, but they also said that the movie tries to make those scenes funny, but they were not as funny as a movie expected to be.

But the audience had a different review, and they said that the movie was not a total failure, but they considered the writing of the movie and especially the dialogue that that the dialogues were sometimes cringe and stupid and framed badly. They ended the statement by saying the production was okay and the movie also had some good and enjoyable moments.

The cast of the movie includes Kathleen Turner as Aunt Hilda, Toni Collette as Macey, David Duchovny as Richard, Anna Faris as Savanna, Danny Vinson as Bill, Rosemarie DeWitt as Beatrice, Ron Livingston as James, Keyla Monterroso Mejia as Ellen,  Gichi Gamba as Geoff, Patricia French as Diane, Kim Baptiste as Doctor, Billy Slaughter as Lawyer, Eric Esteban as Priest, Ronald Chavis as Nurse, and Juan Gaspard as Neighbor.

The Estate Filming Locations

Buckner Mansion, New Orleans, Louisiana

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The address of the house is 1410 Jackson Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130, United States. In 1856 the Buckner Mansion was built as a residence of Harry Sullivan Buckner, who was the cotton Kingpin and he wanted to make a house that should be more grand than his partner. The mansion is situated in New Orleans.

The America Horror Show series Beyond the Centre used the Buckner home as Miss Robichaux’s Academy. This mansion, which is visible as Macy and Savannah arrive at their aunt Hilda’s estate, was used for the majority of the scenes in the film The Estate. She will be seen visiting her aunt’s home for the first time in this scene as Macey and Savannah, her sisters, enter the mansion.

Still From The Estate (Credit: Sky Cinema)
Still From The Estate (Credit: Sky Cinema)

This mansion’s nighttime scene is seen in the picture. After everyone has had dinner, you will watch it in the movie. On the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana is a state in the southeast of the United States. The Creole and Cajun cultures of the region are a reflection of its past.

Louisiana contains the city of New Orleans. Even though it is one of Louisiana’s largest cities, New Orleans is distinguished by its location on the Mississippi River, close to the Gulf of Mexico. Known for its bustling live music scene, 24-hour nightlife, and spicily diverse food.

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