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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 277 Release Date: Takemichy Meets Young Mikey In The Past

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 277
Tokyo Revengers Chapter 277

Tokyo Manji Revengers Chapter 277 reveals the mystery behind Takemichy’s death. This happens after Takemichy challenges Mickey in hand-to-hand combat, believing that he will make Mickey realizes who he is. But Mickey had no clues that the worst-case scenario was about to happen. Even Manjiro thought Takemichy had no match against Mickey and wondered what Takemichy planned. 

It was also revealed that many gang members or Mickey’s friends died trying to break Mickey’s curse. Draken and the other pillar of the gang members suffered the same fate due to Mickey’s curse. But Takemichy believes that he will break Mickey’s curse. However, Takemichy came with his resolve after hugging Mickey and stabbing himself. Takemichy also revealed his death and talked about traveling to the past. 

Mickey thought he would continue to live in a world where he had no friends since he had lost many precious people. But Takemichy’s death affected everyone who cried after realizing that Takemichy had made a big sacrifice to break Mickey’s curse. Mickey was also shuttered since they didn’t expect Takemichy to make sacrifices like that, but he heard something about changing the future. 

They had no clue what Takemichy was saying when he said he would keep doing it again to make things write. Thus begin a new journey in Takemichy’s life as he prepares to travel to the past to save Mickey from the curse. Mickey realizes that it is not a joke and that Takemichy is dead. He asks Takemichy to wake up while shaking Takemichy’s bloodied body.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 277


Mickey cries as he reveals that he is trying to stop Takemichy from facing death, which is why he has been pushing Takemichy. He knows that Takemichy always thinks about his friend without putting himself first. Manjiro thinks that if Takemichy is dead, everything they have hard for is meaningless.

Previously on Tokyo Revengers Chapter 276

Mikey holds Takemichy’s hand tight and begs him to wake up for his sake. However, Takemichy woke up in the past wondering what was happening. Takemichy notice that something is different since his hair has two colors and his outfit has changed. He gets out of the beg, checks the alarm, and realizes he must check what year it is.

After checking the date and year, Takemichy was surprised that it was 1998. He rushes to the shower and prepares as if he is late for school. Takemichy can’t believe it is him since his body has many changes. Takemichy looks at the mirror and realizes it is him in the first grade. He also remembers what happened between him and Mickey before he died.

Takemichy has a long way to go since he is in the future, where he was in the first grade. Takemichy also had a flashback before death and realized that he was so young. He goes to the kitchen to get breakfast and realizes he must rush somewhere since he is getting late. Later Takemichy arrives at Mickey’s place and rings the bell.

The mysterious guy arrives and wonders who the hell is that brat ringing the bell. He asks Takemichy what he is doing at Mickey’s house since he can’t recognize him. The guy reveals that he will beat Takemichy to a pulp. Takemichi can’t believe that Baji has forgotten him. Baji wonders why Takemichi was looking at him like that. Takemichi realizes that Baji talks less, and he won’t hesitate to punch him.

Baji thinks that Takemichy is looking for a fight and smash him with a heavy right hook. Emma arrives and asks Baji to stop fighting in the morning. Takemichi gets up and realizes that Mickey’s friends are arriving one after another. A strange guy smoking something like weed also joins them. Takemichiy realizes that he knows that guy. He realizes that the guy who is smoking something like weed is Shinichiro.

Young Mickey

Young Mickey

Shinichiro asks Baji what is wrong with him, and Haru and Chiyo arrive. Takemichy heard another voice and got excited after realizing that Sanzu had arrived. Shinichiro asks Manjiro why he woke up late. Takemichy realizes that he knew that he time leaped. Baji, Shinichiro, and Emma stoop in front of Takemichy, and Baji asks who that weak brat is.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 277 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 277 will be released on 9 November 2022. Takemichy is surprised since they are supposed to know the crybaby Takemichy. He realizes that he is in his first grade and has yet to meet them in the past, so he must introduce himself. Mickey also arrives, and Takemichy is glad to see him. Tokyo Revengers Chapter 277 updates below. 

Read Tokyo Revengers Chapter 277 Online – Raw Details

You can read Tokyo Revengers Chapter 277 online on the official websites. Mickey realizes that the weak brat is Takemichy. Takemichy is glad that Mickey knows him but how. Takemichy’s past begins in the next chapter after he meets Mickey. Let’s meet after Tokyo Revengers Chapter 277 is released. 

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