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One Piece Chapter 1078 Spoilers: Oda Finally Revealed It

One Piece Chapter 1078 Spoiler
One Piece (Credits: Eiichiro Oda)

So we got the One Piece Chapter 1078 spoilers, and we know the answer as to who the traitor is finally, and we are going to tell you!! We have the title of the chapter, which is “Time Limit For Escape”, which could mean a whole plethora of different things, the first scenario that comes into my mind is one, maybe the tractor set off a bomb on egghead, that is going to explode in a couple of hours, or two, this could mean that the battleships with Kizaru have finally arrived and are starting to destroy the island.

It is really funny when you think about it because, on almost every island, there is some sort of time limit that comes halfway through the arc, I mean in Fish-man Island, we have Noah falling, in Punk Hazard, we had the poisonous gas, and then in Wano, we have the Onigashima falling, and in Whole Cake Island, we had Big Mom chasing them, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that just going to be echoed on this island as well. 

Next up we have the cover page, and we can clearly see that NEO MADS has been founded… what does that mean? There are a lot of things with it, first up, why call it “NEO MADS”, because we know that the NEO MADS team originally was a “scientific” organization for world peace, but it didn’t really turn out that way, they disbanded, Vegaounk left them, and then everybody else turned out to be villains.

NEO MADS, are they also gonna be working for world peace, are they only going after Vegapunk, are they creating monstrosities again, are we gonna perhaps see some crazy clones in the future what is their goal, and with the creation of NEO MADS, what is going to happen to Germa 66, does Judge still want to conquer the North Blue with an Iron Fist, or has he found a brand new goal that he has allied with Caesar? and yeah, there are just so many questions with this, and from last week we saw that they both wanted to go after Vegapunk, so maybe we will see them there as well, I am not really sure. 

One Piece Chapter 1078 Spoilers

Alright, now on to the actual chapter’s plot points, and it turns out that York is the traitor, and not only that but she wants to become the only Vegapunk, which probably isn’t that hard considering she is taken a lot of them out so far, and she also wanted to become a Celestial Dragon.

One Piece Chapter 1078 Spoiler

One Piece (Credits: Eiichiro Oda)

After reading this, I can’t just help but rub my chin at this line here. So, I understand that York is the traitor… she wants to be the only Vegapunk, sure, and sure… but coming up to becoming a Celestial Dragon though, what are the benefits of that? Yes, you get to live in Marie Geois, and yes you can have your own slaves, but in reality, is it better than the current reality she has? 

I personally just don’t know, maybe there are just some hidden benefits of becoming the Celestial Dragon, that we just don’t know quite yet, and it is really fascinating to see another character, strive to become a Celestial, because the last character we saw with this motive was Doflamingo, he killed his father so that he can become a Celestial once again, and it didn’t happen.

Now that we have York, who also ends up becoming Celestial Dragon, I can’t help but wonder why. With this revelation though, it just makes more sense as to why Saint Saturn is coming, maybe Saint Saturn wants to welcome York with open arms, like “Oh! I am the one who promised you this deal and now I will take you to Marie Geois with me.” Maybe that is what going on here, and I am really interested to see how this goes down. 

Not a lot of people were on board with York actually being the traitor here, and it is funny because going back and reading Egghead Island ever since we met York, it just makes so much sense that it is actually her, just like the title from the last chapter says, we should have realized it this sooner as well. 

One Piece Chapter 1078 Spoiler

The first time we were introduced to Vegapunk, Lilith mention how you can’t control desire, and York ended up being desired then another big hint was that while the security was up and everybody was safe and sound, York was just eating a cheeseburger, you know just being chubby in the corner, and then we see her, she is actually skinny again, and it is like, “wait, where did she go” and now with this context in mind it is like she went to go tell the Seraphim to run and look, she went to then kidnap Vegapunk, and we never questioned it, we just assumed that she just automatically change shape, so it was just very small details here and there, that you can just pick out with York.

Even going back to the lastest couple of chapters, York’s last we saw was turned to stone, which is a big brain move, because now that she was turned to stone in the eyes of Franky’s group and us the audience, she fooled us by turning into a stone, and having the Seraphim, destroy the bridge and knock everybody off to a different level, York can now unpetrify herself and walk around Egg Head and nobody suspecting her whatsoever, which I believe is very funny. 

I didn’t pay it that much mind, I was like York is petrified, she could do things but let’s be real here, she gave orders and it didn’t work but a thing that we should have realized is that while York was trying to give orders, she was doing it in Edison’s accent, she herself wasn’t giving those orders, she was pretending to be Edison, and she said it laughingly. So, there are just so many things and I implore you guys, to go back to the minute we met York and just read it until this point again, and just see if you can pick out any other small detail that could have led us to this answer. 

One more thing that I am curious about is the Celestial Dragon bit though, but what they even accept her because the Celestial Dragons are a close-knit group of people, those are descendants from a royal family from 900 years ago, would they just look at York, a Vegapunk that betrayed the other Vegapunk and say why not she joins the group, an adjust have no idea how this would go down, but than again, we could just slap the Saint Saturn band-aid on there and maybe he is here to says meet my new friend. 

Franky Didn’t Lose Consciousness

The next plotline, says that Franky didn’t lose consciousness but can’t move because half of his body is petrified which I mean makes a lot of sense because we have seen characters become half petrified before and they can still think, they can still talk, they just simply can’t move the stone part of their body, so yeah, this is not exactly anything new, so as far as the relevancy of this plot point, maybe this is how we find out that York is the traitor, maybe while Franky is petrified he saw York being a villain or something like that. 

If that is how we find out about York though, it does make me wonder, how did she goes all the way building and shooting Shaka, maybe there still is a second traitor, but right now we can’t really tell because we don’t have the images.

Sanji vs S-Shark

The next plotline says that S-Shark punches Sanji but it doesn’t do any damage, it sounds like S-Shark is. joining the club alongside Queen who also tried to damage Sanji to no avail. It is really cool to see the Germa DNA coming in clutch, and it sounds like the S-Shark fight is still going on, and according to some leakers, of course, there is nothing super confirmed yet, until we get the actual images, but apparently, Sanji shows out very well in this fight.

I also heard that Sanji whips out some brand-new moves with Jimbe as well, so on to the last plot point though it says that the narrator says that Tomorrow, the result of this event, the one taking place on Egg Head, WILL SHAKE THE WHOLE WORLD!!

The narrator box has made an appearance, and whenever the narrator box comes up, it means it’s about to go down. These are the same narrator boxes that foreshadowed Marine Ford, the same narrator boxes that foreshadowed that Grand Fleet arriving in some world-changing event.  

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