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Big Little Lies Review: Is It Worth A Watch?

Big Little Lies
Big Little Lies

Created By David E. Kelly and Liane Moriarty, Big Little Lies is an American darkly comedic drama series. This story highlights how imperfections and broken relationships exist in the perfect-seeming society. It can be seen in the eyes of the five mothers in this show.

It is a creatively developed show with a non-traditional way of filming. The two seasons have been released with seven episodes in each. So, you can see that it is a limited series. Season 1 reflects the shattered and compound relationships of the five ladies, and Season 2 depicts how they gather the shattered pieces of their lives.

Their relationships get new destinations, but the murder investigation takes a new turn due to Bonnie’s confession at the end of season 2. This show still has a few defects, like extreme nudity and traumatic scenes. So, get prepared to skip a few scenes you cannot watch.

The Main Cast Of Big Little Lies

Madeline MacKenzie is a full-time alpha mom who got remarried to Ed Mackenzie, a successful entrepreneur. She is the most loyal friend. But, none is recommended to see her bad side. Celeste Wright is a retired lawyer and a mom of twins. Her life seems to be perfect. However, she is in an abusive marriage with her perfectly-seeming husband, Perry Wright, who dies before the end of the first season.

Jane Chapman is an introverted full-time bookkeeper and a single mom. She had been assaulted by Perry Wright in her youth. She comes across him again, which affects her future. Renata Klein, a successful business woman is married to a successful businessman, Gordon Klein. It seems to be a power couple, but it is not.

Bonnie Carlson is married to an older man, Nathan Carlson, their ex-husband of Madeline. She grew up troubled but lives on her frequency. These five ladies are the main characters facing a murder investigation. Abigail Carlson is the disobedient daughter of Nathan Carlson and Madeline MacKenzie.

Season 2 has a new character, i.e., Mary Louise as the mother-in-law of Celeste. On the one hand, she stays in Monterey to look after her grandchildren. On the other hand, she wants to know everything about her son’s death.

Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies

Episodes From Season 1

Episode 1: Aired On 19 February 2017

A mysterious death that occurred at the Elementary school creates friction in the relationship between the three mothers, Jane, Celeste, and Madeline.

Episode 2: Aired On 26 February 2017

Celeste wants to see a counselor with Perry. Madeline gets disappointed with Renata because Amabella did not invite Ziggy to her birthday party. Skye and Chloe try to reduce the friction between them, but Amabella and Ziggy end up kissing each other.

Episode 3: Aired On 5 March 2017

Perry turns violent when he learns that Celeste will be going to a skating show with the boys, and he is not invited. However, he apologizes when she warns him to leave him. He also confesses his violence to the therapist, and they feel hopeful about their relationship that evening. Madeline learns about Jane’s past from her.

Episode 4: Aired On 12 March 2017

Madeline finds an image of a man named ‘Saxon Baker,’ whom she considers Jane’s molester. Celeste shows her affection towards work to Perry. So, he attacks her and releases her when one of their boys comes to the room.

Episode 5: Aired On 19 March 2017

Amabella has a bite mark on her arm, but she refuses to tell more about it to Renata. Assuming Ziggy to be the culprit, Renata meets the school principal and Jane. While Madeline and Ed argue in their car, they get hit by a pickup truck. Joseph gets a lung collapse, but the doctor assures Madeline that everything will be fine.

Episode 6: Aired On 26 March 2017

Jane asks Madeline to stop researching more about Saxon Baker because he turned out to be the wrong person. The therapist advises Celeste to leave Perry. Later, Perry forcefully tries to get physical with Celeste and ends up getting his private parts fractured. However, Perry calls Celeste lucky in the hospital as he could not kill her.

Episode 7: Aired On 2 April 2017

Celeste finally leaves Perry after another fight. Jane comes to know that Perry is her culprit. Perry pleads with Celeste to come back to his life, but she declines. When he tries to attack Celeste, Bonnie saves her by accidentally pushing Perry down the stairs. The five women get involved in his murder investigation, and Detective Quinlan has a keen eye on them.

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Episodes From Season 2

Episode 1: Aired On 9 June 2019

The five ladies move on after Perry’s death. On the one hand, Celeste keeps getting nightmares regarding Perry. On the other hand, Perry’s mother, Mary Louise, keeps asking about his death to Celeste.

Episode 2: Aired On 16 June 2019

Mary Louise does not accept her son to be Jane’s culprit. Instead, she blames Jane. Ziggy gets to know about Jane’s past. Celeste informs about her toxic relationship with Perry to Mary. Gordon gets arrested by the FBI, which affects Renata’s future.

Episode 3: Aired On 23 June 2019

Amabella gets traumatized due to her family conditions, and Renata hires a psychologist for her. Jane refuses to do a paternity test on Ziggy after getting pleaded by Mary Louise to do so. Mary finds Ziggy similar to Perry’s twin brother but still cannot digest that Perry is the culprit.

Episode 4: Aired On 30 June 2019

Celeste says that Mary Louise is going far ahead by getting an apartment near Jane. Madeline approaches Celeste’s therapist to boost her relationship with Ed. Renata and Gordon suffer from bankruptcy.

Episode 5: Aired On 7 July 2019

On the one hand, Celeste gets under a trial as she refuses to give her kid’s custody to Mary Louise, and On the other hand, Renata suggests Mary not go against Celeste. But she ends up getting taunted by Mary for being bankrupt. Madeline promises Ed not to make the same mistakes again during the couple’s therapy.

Episode 6: Aired On 14 July 2019

Mary’s lawyer floods Celeste with personal questions. She shows her wish to ask Mary Louise, and the judge grants her wish. Bonnie confesses everything about the murder night to her dying mother. The ‘Monterey Five,’ meaning the five ladies are under more pressure related to the investigation of the murder.

Episode 7: Aired On 21 July 2019

Celeste questions Mary about Perry’s childhood, his twin brother’s death, and how she up-bring him. The court gives children’s custody to Celeste because she presents a video showing how she got abused by her husband. Madeline remarries Ed. Renata leaves Gordon. Corey and Jane boost their relationship. Finally, the five ladies go to the police station to confess everything.

Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies Season 3

Big Little Lies will not come back with a third season in honor of the late director Jean-Marc Vallée, according to Zoe Kravitz, a cast member. Other members show a green flag for the return of the series. But HBO has not said anything about it. However, we still hope for it after looking at the success of the first two seasons.

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Where To Watch

It is available on HotstarHBO MaxHuluAmazon Prime, and several other platforms. However, you must pay to watch the episodes on these platforms. Similarly, some platforms telecast the series only at specific locations.

Final Verdict

There are several changes in the show as compared to the novel. Perry’s domestic violence and apology, Jane’s stand for her child and the nightmares, and Celeste’s decision to leave her husband had a deep impact. It is a women-centric show that shows them as mothers first, then as wives. It also takes up several sensitive topics like judgment, molestation, bankruptcy, domestic violence, murder, and more.

Our Rating: ⭐ (4/5).

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